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While they may be some of our favorite songs, many major pop hits aren’t so well loved by their singers. Yes, a lot of our favorite artists actually hate some of their most popular hits. We know it’s sad, but it’s also true.

Britney Spears hates “Sometimes.”

There’s a reason she hasn’t performed her 1999 hit Sometimes since 2001 – she simply doesn’t like it. During her 2004 Onyx Hotel tour special, she actually finished her set by mentioning she “forgot” to sing it.

“Oh wait, I forgot to sing ‘Sometimes,’” she told the audience. “Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, oh GOD, I never liked that song anyways. PEACE!”

Miley Cyrus is totally not into “Wrecking Ball” or “Party in the USA.”

They’re two of her biggest hits, yet the pop sensation is absolutely not a fan.

“It’s my worst nightmare, that song being played at my funeral — that is my worst nightmare,” she said ofWrecking Ball.

As for Party, yeah, she doesn’t want to hear that one either.

Selena Gomez doesn’t like performing “Come & Get It.”

“It’s not my song,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “To me, it sounds like a Rihanna reject.” Ouch. She did, however, say she’s “grateful” for what it did for her, adding she’d “be stupid not to acknowledge it.”

Lady Gaga hates the song “Telephone.”

Hello, how can you hate a duet with Beyoncé? When asked by Pop Justice what she though her worst song was, she replied: “I hate ‘Telephone.’ Is that terrible to say? It’s the song I have the most difficult time listening to.”

Of course, she later clarified that it’s not really the song itself, just her “emotional connection to it.”

Ariana Grande is not a fan of “Bang Bang” or “Why Try.”

You may consider them classics, but apparently Ariana is not a fan of these tracks. After posting about her dislike of Bang Bangon Twitter, a fan seemed to share her sentiment. Ariana responded: “thank god. can’t wait to show this to my team.”

As for Why Try, she told the folks at her album listening party that it puts her to sleep.

Charli XCX hates “Break the Rules.”

Apparently she’s also an idiot – her words!

“That was so bad,” she said of the song Break the Rules.“I hate it. I wrote it at a writing camp for other artists with Benny Blanco and Stargate, and I was like, ‘Whoever sings this song is an idiot.’”