Wendy Williams Tell-All Deemed Too ‘Trashy’ for CBS This Morning

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Gayle King of CBS This Morning apparently believes that Wendy Williams’ tell-all is too “trashy” for morning television, according to leaked info from network sources.

Wendy Williams has been shopping around for the appropriate outlet to share her story about her experiences. “Her people want either a morning show or an hour-long prime-time special. They want Wendy to sit down with a big name anchor and Gayle King was at the top of the list,” one source told DailyMail.com.

Not Morning Television Material

Unfortunately for Wendy Williams, Gayle King did not approve. King believes that the topics of Williams’ interview, like the arrest of her son for assault and her husband’s 15-year affair, would be too “trashy” to be featured on morning television.

Williams is still looking at other outlets that may be a better fit, including ABC, NBC, and Oprah’s OWN.

Williams Recently Filed for Divorce Amid Affair Scandal

Williams recently filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter, after 21 years of marriage. Hunter had been leading a double life with a secret mistress of 15 years, with whom he just had a baby.

A source who is familiar with Williams’ situation told PEOPLE, “Wendy is telling people she had no idea he had been having an affair, but when she found out the details, it turned out he had been seeing the woman he had a baby with for 15-16 years.”

“It’s hard after being married for so long and having a family together, to be able to move forward,” added the source. “But she realized she had to open her eyes to a bad marriage. So many stick around when they should get out.”

Struggles with Alcohol Abuse

Williams, as many fans know, has been dealing with health complications and battling substance abuse. The 54-year-old TV host revealed on her show that she’d been seeking treatment back in March. At the time, she also promoted The Hunter Foundation charity and substance abuse hotline.

However, in May, she decided to end the foundation in order to distance herself from her soon-to-be-ex. Some sources claim that Hunter believes Williams is more so trying to distance herself from things related to drug and alcohol addition.

Regardless, Williams has otherwise continued to remained tight-lipped about the scandal surrounding her.