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Ariana Grande dropped “7 Rings,” the newest single from her album thank u, next, on Friday. And by Monday, three separate artists claimed that she had ripped off their work. What happened?

Ariana Grande

“7 Rings” is built off of a riff on “A Few of My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music as she boasts of all the sweet loot she buys with all her money.

We could write a whole post on the questionable imagery of the music video, which features Ariana in lingerie and rhinestone cat ears posing suggestively in what looks like the kitchen of Barbie’s Dream House. But we’re here to talk about a different controversy.

Princess Nokia

The first artist to step forward was Princess Nokia, who claimed that the hook of “it’s mine, I bought it” from her 2017 song “Mine” sounds a lot like “7 Rings.” Nokia posted a reaction video on Twitter where she faked surprise at the similarities:

“Does that sound familiar to you? Because that sounds really familiar to me. Oh my God! Ain’t that…the little song I made about Brown women and their hair?”

Nokia’s video and tweet disappeared shortly after she posted them, but you can still find the clip on YouTube. If you listen to both songs, you can hear similarities between Nokia’s flow and Ariana’s–but is that plagiarism or just a coincidence?

Soulja Boy & 2 Chainz

Next, people realized that the song seems to rip off of Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag.” Soulja Boy shared a clip comparing the two songs, which racked up almost 3 million views over the weekend. The lyrics and rhythm do sound very similar when you hear them back to back.

When no one from her team responded, Soulja Boy directly called her out on Twitter. Responding to Ariana’s Tweets thanking her friends for appearing in her video, he first wrote, “Lol stop stealing my swag. Word.” He followed up with a second, even blunter statement: “Give me my credit. Period.”

2 Chainz also pointed out that the all-pink aesthetic of the music video looks a lot like his video for “Door Swangin.” That video is also set in a hot pink trap house, which seems like a pretty strange coincidence. The rapper also suggested that the hook of Ariana’s latest single reminds him of his own 2011 song “Spend It.”

What do you think? Is this all a misunderstanding, or did Ariana’s team poach from other artists?