About the Authors

Catie Housman

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Catie has been obsessed with celebrity news since the days of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s steamy ’90s romance. In her eyes, Reality TV is not a guilty pleasure, but a shameless indulgence. Catie keeps tabs on your favorite celebs when she’s not putting bets on which Bachelor contestant will be the first to run for congress.

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Kate Singer

Kate began her writing career out of university, where she focused on journalism and creative writing. After creating and writing her own gossip column for years, she was invited to write for the DailyPopStar team, focusing her talents on fashion, entertainment and celebrity gossip.

Kate is also an avid car enthusiast who enjoys working on projects in her garage.

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Marlee Harris

Marlee’s obsession with all things celebrity began at a young age when her parents allowed her to stay up late to watch the Academy Awards. The glamour, fashion and competition solidified her love of celebrity life and gossip.

Marlee has been writing for various publications since high school and holds a degree in journalism.

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Naome Bell

Naome’s passion for writing began at a really young age, which led to her being part of her high school’s yearbook and journalism team.

Since then, she enjoys keeping up with various celebrity gossip and spending entirely too much time with her two cats.

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