FIFA President Gianni Infantino Says 2022 World Cup Will Be Best Ever


The 2022 World Cup will take place on November 21 in Qatar. The event will be the first World Cup hosted by a Middle Eastern country, and FIFA claims that it will also be carbon neutral. The event’s organizers ensured that the eight cutting-edge stadiums were close together, within a 50-mile radius of each other.

This means that teams and fans won’t need to hop on domestic flights to catch games taking place in the tournament. Visitors to Qatar will be able to see all the competitions going on the same day by driving a few miles across the road. While the event isn’t for another ten months, FIFA President Gianni Infantino is already declaring that it will be the organization’s best World Cup ever.

FIFA President Has High Hopes

Infantino told reporters that he expects the event to be both “unique” and “perhaps the best ever” thanks to its layout and location. “All the fans from all over the world will come here to Qatar,” Infantino tells reporters. “They will be all together, not only the fans of two teams in the city, the fans of 32 teams in one country all together to celebrate football, to celebrate humanity. I mean, it’s fantastic.”

Fans are just excited to see the high-profile event coming together after an uncertain 2021 left many with doubts about the near future for live sporting events.

Sports Commentators Share Excitement

Sports experts share Infantino’s excitement for the 2022 World Cup. Many former footballers point out how helpful the single location for the tournament will be for players.

“I think it’s exciting for the country because you see, now the stadiums are all nearly finished, the infrastructure of the city’s changing every day,” Australian former footballer Tim Cahill tells Football Now.

“But more importantly, I look at what the players are going to get with the team’s state-of-the-art facilities. They stay in one city and enjoy training like they’re home for the month. But for the fans, there’s so much to embrace. The culture, museums, the desert, beautiful restaurants, hotels, the beaches. So there’s so much to enjoy.”

So far, 13 teams have qualified for a place in the World Cup out of 210 candidates. The breakout scorer in the qualifying matches is Ali Mabkhout of the UAE, who has scored 14 goals. England’s Harry Kane is two behind, at 12 goals thus far during the qualifiers.