Vacation in the Stars? First Space Travel Agency Opens in UK

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The UK’s first space travel agency, RocketBreaks, has finally opened its doors. Now, travelers who want to see the planet from outer space have a real way to visit the cosmos. The travel agency will offer full vacation services to travelers, including meals and coordinating flights. One of the largest components of the agency will be training courses that will help potential space vacationers condition themselves to undergo the rigors of space travel.

While RocketBreaks is the first space travel agency to open in the UK, it’s not the first commercial business to focus on taking people into space. SpaceX, an American-based private space agency, has already been working on plans to take travelers up into orbit around the Earth.

‘Space Travel Is the Future’

RocketBreaks founder David Doughty tells reporters that he believes space travel is the future of luxury vacations. “Without a doubt, space is the future of the travel industry,” Doughty insists. “We have seen a gap in the market, and by entering early, we aim to make RocketBreaks one of the most respected agencies in the space travel world.”

A similar service will also be offered soon by British megacompany Virgin. Sir Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin, has announced that the company plans to formally launch Virgin Galactic in 2022. Branson himself is slated to be on the first flight the company sends into space, fulfilling one of the entrepreneur’s lifelong wishes.

Where Will Travelers Go?

While the idea of going into space to view the Earth from orbit is an enticing one, it’s not exactly a vacation if you just take a day trip into the upper atmosphere. Where will travelers actually be able to go? One option could be the Aurora Station, a luxury space station hotel that is under development by Orion Span.

Astronauts have described the experience of living in space as being otherworldly and perspective-altering. Seeing the Earth from above can make terrestrial problems seem so distant and small, astronauts have reported, that your understanding of the natural world can shift dramatically.

The Aurora Station, which is being constructed by Orion Span, will likely be a very popular destination for extremely wealthy space travelers looking to take a vacation in the stars. The station will only be able to accommodate four visitors and two crew for twelve-day intervals, meaning the waitlist is likely to be considerable.

Other destinations for future space travelers could include the Moon or even Mars. SpaceX has announced plans to send commercial travelers to Mars as part of their long-term plans for space tourism. One thing is certain: for the super-wealthy, the future of holiday travel lies in the stars.