From Hailey Bieber to Rihanna — Get These Celebrity Looks For Less Than $100


From our friends at Hey Pumpkin:

Whether they’re heading out to get groceries, filling up their gas tank, or walking a red carpet, celebrities always seem to look great.

Sure, it may be because they have incredible stylists and time to pull together sleek outfits, but the reality is they have the money to be able to look fashionable 24/7. It’s hard to serve looks when you’re balling on a budget (trust me, I know). But, it’s not impossible.

In fact, there are ways to dress like your favorite celebrity fashion icons without breaking the bank. From Hailey Bieber to Rihanna to Kendall Jenner, here’s how you can dress like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber has quickly cemented herself as a fashion icon for the Gen Z generation. Between her casual looks and her red carpet moments, there’s really nothing she can’t pull off.

This green jacket-skirt ensemble is definitely one of her best looks of the last year. Paired with the black knee-high boots, a black purse, and gold accessories, this look just screams fashion icon. 

Hailey Bieber green outfit

Alright, let’s try to recreate it.

green shorts and skirt

So it’s not a skirt, per se, but this green shorts and jacket ensemble is only $21 from SheIn! Paired with this sleek black crop top for Target — which is $5 — you have yourself a majority of the outfit for less than $30!

black crop top

Now for the shoes… these knee-high boots from Forever 21 are $37.99.

black knee high boots Forever 21

Forever 21 also has a black purse very similar to Bieber’s for $13.99, plus gold hoops for $4.99.

gold purse and gold hoops

All-in-all, you can recreate the 24-year-old’s outfit for less than $85!


I know it may seem crazy to try and recreate a Rihanna look, but I’m telling you, it can be done! Just like Bieber’s above, in this outfit, Rihanna donned a matching camel-colored skirt and jacket ensemble.

rihanna camel outfit

The white t-shirt keeps the look simple, while the heels take it up an extra notch. It’s a great look for a night out with friends or a fun date night.

OK, here’s how to recreate it for less than $100.

This camel oversized jacket from Lulus is $39, while this faux leather skirt (also from Lulus) is $34.

camel skirt and jacket

Paired with this simple white t-shirt from Old Navy for just $6 and strappy heels from Forever 21 for $14.99, this outfit comes in at just under $100.

strappy black heels and white t-shirt
Forever21/Old Navy

Kendall Jenner

Unlike her sisters, Kendall Jenner’s fashion is typically understated and casual. She loves wearing jeans and sneakers, which is great for us common folk who may want to recreate her outfits.

Kendall Jenner white outfit

In this particular outfit, Jenner is going for an all-white look, complete with white jeans, white sneakers, a white crop top, and a white jacket. The all-white look is very in these days and is great for a casual day out and about.

These white straight-legged jeans from Old Navy are a steal at $19.99, while this white crop top from SheIn comes in at $5.

white jeans and crop top
Old Navy/SheIn

This cropped white jacket from Windsor is only $27 and these white platform sneakers are just $35. All together, this outfit comes in at just under $90!

white jacket and sneakers