Weezer Surprises Fans With New Album Out Next Week

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From our friends at PopTonic:

Weezer revealed that they’re dropping a surprise new album — ahead of the expected album Van Weezer.

The band announced the release of OK Human — which I’m hoping was named in tribute to Radiohead’s classic OK Computer — and it’s due for release at the end of January.

We’re Still Waiting on Van Weezer

The surprise announcement of OK Human comes as Weezer fans have been awaiting the arrival of Van Weezer. What would have been their 14th studio album was originally due for release in May 2020. Much to fans’ dismay, the album was delayed because of the pandemic.

Don’t worry, though. Van Weezer, which is dedicated to Eddie Van Halen, will still be hitting shelves. The band confirmed that the delayed album is slated to arrive May 7. The band has already shared three singles off that record “The End of the Game,” “Beginning of the End,” and “Hero.”

“Beginning of the End” is also featured on the soundtrack to Bill & Ted Face the Music, while “Hero” was a tribute to essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the release of “Hero,” they also announced the delay of Van Weezer.

Weezer Announces OK Human

Just this week, Weezer unexpectedly announced their upcoming studio album OK Human, and it’s set for release on January 29.

The band reportedly launched an online teaser campaign that saw Weezer fans complete captchas and convert binary code into text to reveal the news. The following day, the band also made an official announcement on Instagram.

cover illustration for Weezer's 'OK Human' album
Weezer | Instagram

The new album was originally planned to come out after Van Weezer, but when that album suffered the pandemic-related delay, they opted to shift focus and complete OK Human instead. That makes OK Human the band’s 14th studio album.

The first single released from this album will be “All My Favorite Songs,” and it’s coming fast — it drops on January 21.

In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, frontman Rivers Cuomo dropped some details about the new album. He described it as a piano-based, orchestral album, in comparison to Van Weezer’s “riffy” feel that was inspired by live shows.

Van Weezer is in mortal combat with OK Human, a record that’s mostly done. That one’s totally different. It’s inspired by an album from 1970 called Nilsson Sings Newman,” Cuomo revealed. “It’s all piano-based, but it has a ton of orchestration. We just did the strings at Abbey Road. It’s just gorgeous melodies and extremely eccentric lyrics.”

Check Out the Full OK Human Tracklist:

  1. All My Favorite Songs
  2. Aloo Gobi
  3. Grapes of Wrath
  4. Numbers
  5. Playing My Piano
  6. Mirror Image
  7. Screens
  8. Bird With a Broken Wing
  9. Dead Roses
  10. Everything Happens For a Reason
  11. Here Comes the Rain
  12. La Brea Tar Pits
track listing for Weezer's album 'OK Human'
Weezer | Instagram

Pre-orders for OK Human go live on Thursday, January 21 at 12 am ET. The band’s Instagram says that a “limited amount of vinyl will be available.” It also notes that the official online website “will be the only place to order vinyl from while the stores stock up.”

Pre-orders for Van Weezer are already live, with options available for vinyl, CD, and digital album. You can check out the band’s store here.