Amanda Bynes Court-Ordered Into Psychiatric Facility for Mental Health Treatment

@amandabynesreal via Instagram

Fresh on the heels of her engagement ending, Amanda Bynes has been ordered to check into a psychiatric facility.

The order comes after a secret court hearing was held last week. The hearing involved both Amanda’s parents and her now-ex, Paul Michael.

The Secret Court Hearing Concerning Amanda’s Conservatorship Case

In the secret court hearing held last Thursday, Amanda, her parents, and her then-fiancé Paul went in front of the judge to discuss her ongoing conservatorship case. The judge asked Paul about their engagement and Bynes’ mental state during the hearing.

After receiving updates on Amanda’s status, the judge ordered her placement in a psychiatric facility for mental health treatment. She decided that it would be beneficial for her well-being.

At the time, Amanda reportedly agreed to voluntarily check in to the live-in facility over the weekend. This was so she wouldn’t have to go straight there from the court house.

But now, it looks like that may have been a ruse. The actress never showed up at the facility over the weekend. She is now apparently refusing to cooperate with the judge’s orders.

Why Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael Ended Their Engagement

It looks like this secret hearing with the judge may have sparked the end of Bynes’ 3-week engagement with Paul Michael. She had met her fiancé just a few months prior at a sober living facility.

But soon after the hearing, Amanda deleted all traces of Paul from her Instagram account. This is when the rumors of their split started swirling, and Paul later confirmed to In Touch Weekly that they had indeed broken up. Still, he insisted that they remain close.

“I love her though,” Paul told the magazine. “She’s my best friend.”

Amanda’s Ongoing Struggles With Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Amanda, who has struggled with substance abuse and has been in and out of drug treatment programs, has been under the control of a conservatorship since 2014. The actress had been placed under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold following a public meltdown. A judge then appointed a guardian to look after Bynes’ finances and life decisions. They decided on her mom, Lynn Bynes.

That means that Amanda is unable to make any major life decisions, like marrying fiancé Paul, without approval from her mom and the judge.

Apparently Lynn wanted to block her daughter’s marriage to Paul. She insisted that it was not in Amanda’s best interest to tie the knot.