Tom Sizemore Arrested for DUI and Drug Possession


History is repeating itself as Tom Sizemore finds himself arrested once again for driving under the influence and drug possession.

Unfortunately for Sizemore, this new arrest could impact one of his prior cases.

Police pulled the 58-year-old actor over for a traffic violation around 2:30 am on Thursday morning in Glendale, CA. The cops say he appeared to be under the influence.

Tom Sizemore Had Narcotics With Him

The police reportedly searched the actor, finding narcotics on him. They then charged Sizemore for driving under the influence, as well as for possession of a controlled substance.

Sizemore is no stranger to getting busted for illegal substances. In fact, it’s been almost a year to the day since his last drug-related arrest.

Back in January 2019, Burbank police pulled the actor over for a missing front license plate and failure to display current registration. During the stop, officers ended up searching Sizemore’s car, where they found “various illegal narcotics.”

Sizemore wound up charged with two counts of possession of heroin and two counts of possession of medication without a prescription.

The actor caught a huge break, though. He ended up entering a pretrial drug diversion program as well as a drug prevention program, which he was required to complete as part of the deal. He was also required to keep clean for at least a year.

As a part of his plea deal, prosecutors were going to drop the case if Sizemore could stay on the straight and narrow. But now, if a judge finds he violated the terms of his deal, Sizemore could be heading straight to jail.

Sizemore Has Struggled With Substance Abuse For Many Years

The troubled actor has been struggling with substance abuse for many years. He has even appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew and Sober House. His substance dependency has devastated his movie career, sent him to jail and tragically led him to attempt suicide.

In 2013, he penned a book about his recovery from addiction, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There: A Memoir, and began to make a comeback as an actor with roles in shows like Shooter and Twin Peaks.