Demi Lovato Claims to Contact Aliens, Encourages Fans To Do the Same


Demi Lovato says she contacted aliens during a trip to the desert with friends. The pop singer even took to social media to share several photos of what appear to be spaceships.

Oh, and she really wants you to “meditate and make contact.”

You know, so we can “force our governments to acknowledge the truth about extraterrestrial life among us.”

Demi Lovato and Friends Hit the Desert With Alien Expert

After her recent messy split from soap star Max Ehrich, I guess Demi Lovato needed a new hobby to occupy her time. I mean, I’d probably be out trying to contact aliens, too, if I had an ex running around embarrassing me like that. Just kidding (sort of).

Anyway, the pop singer shared an Instagram post about a trip to Joshua Tree. She hit the desert with “a small group of loved ones,” where they met up with Dr. Steven Greer. According to his Insta bio, he’s “one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, ET intelligence, and initiating peaceful contact with ET civilizations.”

Demi’s post included a video clip and a few photos that supposedly show unusual activity. In other words, it’s supposed to be spaceships in the night sky.

She explains that her evidence were “just some of the evidence from under the stars in the desert sky that can no longer be ignored and must be shred immediately.”

Demi Lovato Wants You to Meditate to Make Contact

Then she encouraged her fans to try and make contact themselves, by downloading an app and tapping into meditation. No, really.

It’s all because our planet is “on a very negative path towards destruction,” but we can fix it by contacting aliens.

“If we were to get 1% of the population to meditate and make contact, we would force our governments to acknowledge the truth about extraterrestrial life among us and change our destructive habits destroying our planet,” she told her followers.

She then goes on to drop a suggestion to download an app that will “teach you the protocols to connect to life [forms] beyond our planet.” Apparently, it might take you a lot of sessions to finally tap into a deep enough level of meditation, but when you get there, you can make contact with aliens.

“Happy communicating,” she ended her post.

Look, 2020 has been a dumpster fire and all, but I don’t know about meditating with an app to contact aliens, Demi.