Orlando Bloom Kept Dead Dog’s Skeleton, Talks to It

The Mirror

Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean star and boyfriend to Katy Perry, recently lost his beloved dog Sidi, and let’s just cut to the chase: The actor paid to have his deceased dog stripped to the bone so that he could mount its skeleton in his home.

Word is also in that Orlando Bloom did, in fact, elect to preserve his dog’s penis.

“I still get to say goodnight to him,” Bloom said.

The Mirror

I’ll be honest: I came in fully ready to tear this crazy idea to pieces. But the more I look at Sidi’s skeleton, the more I think the whole thing is kind of sweet. What do you think?


Why Did Orlando Bloom Keep His Dog’s Skeleton?

Orlando, 42, kept his dog’s skeleton because he loved him so much that he couldn’t bear the idea of living without Sidi’s presence once he passed.

“I just couldn’t stand the fact that he was just not going to be around anymore,” he said.

Orlando rescued Sidi, who was a black Saluki mix, in 2004. Orlando found Sidi as a stray while filming “Kingdom of Heaven” in Morrocco and just had to take him home.

Orlando spent years walking with Sidi along the streets of New York, but in 2015, he learned that his furry friend was suffering from liver disease. Sidi passed away a year later.

I’ll admit the skeleton memorial is more aesthetically pleasing than taxidermy, which is another reason Bloom went this route. He had to find a special company to do it, but no word yet on how much that cost.

Did Orlando Keep His Dog’s Penis?

Yes, Orlando did keep his dog’s penis, according to The Daily Star.

“They asked me if I wanted to keep the penis. What do you think I said?” Orlando reports. “Actually, aesthetically it didn’t look quite right, so I have it on the side.”

I don’t personally think I’d want to see nor hold a detached dog penis long enough to be able to put it on the side of anything, but Orlando and Sidi obviously had a very loving connection.

“He was a great companion and I was very upset when he died. I had his skeleton mounted so that he stays with me,” Orlando said. “I know that sounds a little odd to some people, but it is quite tastefully done and I still get to say goodnight to him.”

Honestly, I respect Orlando’s full embrace of his decision. It’s a testament to how much he loves Sidi.