Mark McGrath Got Paid to Dump a Fan’s Boyfriend For Her


Mark McGrath was recently paid $100 to dump a fan’s boyfriend for her after he was tapped on a site called Cameo to record the video.

No, he didn’t recite the lyrics to Sugar Ray’s 2001 hit “When It’s Over.”

Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray Frontman against a blue background

Cameo is a website and app that lets fans book a personalized video from some of their favorite celebrities, including actors, athletes, musicians, and even YouTubers.

Mark McGrath Will Deliver Your Bad News For a Price

Apparently, the 52-year-old Sugar Ray frontman is available for custom video messages on the Cameo Marketplace because a woman named Cheyanne booked him to end her long-distance relationship when she just couldn’t do it herself.

It seems Mark had no problem delivering some bad news to the now-ex-boyfriend, Brayden.

“This is a little difficult for me to say ’cause it’s the first one of these I’ve done,” Mark starts off, “But [Cheyanne] wants you to know that you mean a lot to her — you mean the world to her. But she’s having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship. It’s tough.”

Both Cheyanne and Brayden are fans of Sugar Ray, so what better way to end your relationship, right?

It’s worth noting that the Sugar Ray frontman still looks almost exactly the same as he did in 1998, frosted tips and all. I’m willing to bet that he found the fountain of youth, or at least has a stash of the best wrinkle cream that money can buy.

Mark Relates to the Struggles of a Long-Distance Relationship

Mark goes on to say he understands how difficult a long-distance relationship can be, noting that he experienced those challenges with his wife while being on the road in his career.

“The biggest arguments, the biggest obstacles in our relationship is the distance between us,” he says, adding, “It makes it very difficult when we’re on the road and it’s hard.”

Although Brayden may have lost his long-distance relationship with Cheyanne, it sounds like he might have gained a new friend in Mark McGrath, who says he hopes he will see Brayden backstage one day to give him a high five.

“We can maybe laugh about this some time,” says Mark.

Mark does reassure Brayden that he’s got “a good life ahead” of him, and throws in a very frank, “Life goes on.”

Check out the video for yourself here: