Kim K Showing Off After Twitter Mocks Empty Fridge

@KimKardashian via Twitter

Kim Kardashian clapped back at her haters who mocked her for having a nearly-empty fridge by filming a full tour of the multiple pantries and fridges in her home.

She must have a lot of free time on her hands this week.

kim kardashian poses in front of near-empty fridge for promo photo
@KimKardashian via Twitter

Kim K Posts Photo of Empty Fridge

So, the other day, Kim K posted a bunch of promo photos on Twitter for her Skims Cotton Collection. In what was undoubtably a staged photo, the reality star is shown wearing her Skims products while reaching into a fridge. You know, to make it relatable, like she’s just hanging around at home like a normal person.

“I’m wearing the Cotton Plunge Bralette and Cotton Rib Briefs in Kyanite. I live in these comfortable pieces!!” she writes.

The KUWTK star’s underwear line isn’t exactly what people are talking about, though.

Y’all, there’s nothing in that fridge. She’s reaching for (what looks like) an empty bowl, there’s at least five or six different kinds of milk in there, and nothing else. What’s up with that? Is Kim K on a milk-only diet?

“I see nothing in that fridge that reflects a family with 4 kids haha! I just cant relate. Sorry,” one user tweeted in reply.

Another tweet reads, “That’s clearly the milk fridge, next to the water fridge. Just your normal everyday household.”

Plenty of others chimed in to tell her she needs to go grocery shopping, too.

Kim K Shows Off All the Food in Her Mansion

Not one to ignore the internet trolls, Kim hopped over to her Instagram Stories to give everyone a full tour of the multiple fridges and pantries in her gigantic home, proving that she does have more than just milk.

kim kardashian's walk in fridge
@KimKardashian via Instagram

Turns out, the fridge used for the promo photo is just her “beverage fridge.” Kim and Kanye’s house is equipped with a gigantic walk-in refrigerator that’s loaded with fresh organic produce, condiments, and plenty of “plant-based” prepped meals for the whole family.

kim kardashian's pantry
@KimKardashian via Instagram

There’s also a pantry in the kitchen, plus another pantry with glass jars of food, including a separate section just for sprinkles. But why does she have so many sprinkles? To go with the frozen yogurt machine, of course.

So I guess that settles it. I don’t think anyone’s going hungry in the Kardashian-West household.