Emma Stone Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend – Check Out This Rock!


Emma Stone, the Mary Jane none of us truly cared about, has just shared on social media that she is engaged to longtime boyfriend Dave McCary! While we’re super happy for the couple, we have a series of questions, including: How long have these two been dating?

Honestly, I thought McCary was a rebound from Spiderman co-star Andrew Garfield. Or maybe that was Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband?

emma stone with her hair pulled back, smiling off camera at a red carpet event

Okay, So Who Is Dave McCary, Anyway?

Dave McCary, 35, is a filmmaker (sort of) and primarily writes for Saturday Night Live. He’s been working on SNL since season 39 as a segment director along with longtime friends Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett.

He co-founded his sketch comedy group, Good Neighbor, with the two as well. SNL actually bought McCary out of a contract with Comedy Central after he and Good Neighbor worked on a pilot for the station, which was produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

McCary also directed the first two seasons of Epic Rap Battles of History, which is a classic.

So, in short: Dave McCary is a funny dude, which is probably why Emma Stone fell in love with him. She has always seemed to have a good sense of humor, despite her questionable role choices. (Aloha, anyone?)

How Long Have These Two Been Dating?

Apparently McCary and Stone have been dating since 2017, after she split with Andrew Garfield, her co-star in the Spiderman movies. She was Mary Jane, he was Spiderman… it was a romance made to be.

Or not, as the couple didn’t work out despite dating for four years.

They seem to have split on amicable terms and have always had nice things to say about each other. They dated from 2011 to 2015 but were seen together cheering the other on as recently as 2017.

Okay, Let’s Talk About the Ring

There has been almost no word from the happy couple about the engagement, which is a bummer because we all love a good proposal story.

emma stone and dave mccary smiling at the camera with emma stones engagement ring in the front
Instagram | Dave McCary

McCary shared a photo of the two grinning from ear to ear, Stone’s ring held up close to the camera. There seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding just what the ring is, however.

One diamond expert took a look at the photo and declared that it was unquestionably an antique, imperfectly-shaped diamond.

According to her, this is becoming very popular right now, with brides-to-be gravitating toward unusual cuts that make their rings stand out from the crowd. When you purchase an antique ring, you’re getting something completely unique, too.

We’re…not so sure.

Other people (and I am one of those other people) think that the ring is probably not a diamond, but actually a pearl. To us, and others, it appears that it is an antique ring with a unique setting, but the main stone seems to be a giant pearl, with smaller diamonds around it.

close up of Emma Stone's new engagement ring
Instagram | Dave McCary

With the photo McCary shared, the caption is just a heart – there’s nothing that gives us any indication of what the ring is, how he proposed, or how excited she was to say yes.

Stone has nothing about it on her own Insta, but that’s not exactly surprising. Her account is pretty impersonal, with most of the pictures being professional photos from industry events.

I for one can’t wait to see the dress Stone picks out for her wedding. The antique and unique ring shows me she has interesting taste, and I think she’ll be a down-to-earth kind of wedding girl.

Who knows?

Stone’s next major film according to IMDB is Cruella, which should be released in May of 2021.