Ice-T: Original Gangster Admits to Robbery


He might be a respected actor now, but Ice-T wasn’t always all about law and order. In fact, he admitted that he used to rob jewelry stores with a sledgehammer!


Legend of Hip-Hop

Ice-T was recently interviewed on Untold Stories of Hip-Hop, where he was asked about some anecdotes of his life before fame.

The rapper and actor delivered, revealing his past as an O.G. original gangster and high roller. It’s safe to say his lyrics are not based on fantasy, but rather real life incidences of crime including robbery. In this WE TV series interview, he describes the time when he was on the opposite side of the law of his Law & Order: SVU character.

It turns out, he used to rob jewelry stores and, on occasion, banks! He proudly states that he robbed these jewelry stores unarmed, unless you count the sledgehammer he wielded. Ice-T claims smashing up the glass classes and grabbing jewelry was an easy means to make fast cash.

Not Everyone Was So Lucky

He describes himself as lucky for never being killed during these escapades. Unfortunately, Ice-T knows several people whose 99 problems include a life behind bars. Admittedly, it’s hard for him to talk about this time in his life, as there are several people from that era who are still locked up in prison.

Ice-T says life before fame has kept him humble and inspired some infamous lyrics.

From breaking the law to rapping about it, he sure has come a long way. Gone are the days when he sang about being a cop killer; now, he plays one on TV. You’ll catch him on the right side of the law these days as a detective on the long-running show Law & Order: SVU.

Check out the interview at WE TV and hear more about this legend’s wild life before becoming famous.