Kelly Rowland is Pregnant With Her Second Child!

Kelly Rowland via Instagram

Kelly Rowland might be “knocking at 40’s door,” but the Destiny’s Child alum is expecting!

She revealed the news in a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine, and her and husband Tim Weatherspoon couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new member of the family.

Kelly and her hubby, Tim, had apparently been contemplating having another child for a while. It wasn’t until quarantine began that they decided to commit.

“We had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like, ‘Let’s see what happens,'” the 39-year-old singer said in the interview. She added that she got pregnant quickly after started trying for a second child.

This will be Kelly and Tim’s second child together. The couple already share a 5-year-old son, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon.

Kelly Rowland Admitted She was Nervous to Share the Good News

Despite her gratitude, she admitted that she was a little nervous to share the good news. After all, with the pandemic, political unrest, racial injustices, and a severe economic downturn bubbling… 2020 has been a tumultuous year for many, to say the least.

“But you still want to remind people that life is important,” Kelly said of why she ultimately decided to make an announcement.

“And being able to have a child… I’m knocking at 40’s door in February,” the singer admits. “Taking care of myself means a lot to me.”

So, how is Kelly’s second pregnancy going so far?

Kelly admits that the first trimester was a bit rough after an “overwhelming sense of exhaustion hit.” She mostly used that time to rest.

With her first pregnancy, she was able to keep up her fitness routine: “I swam, I did yoga, I did weights, I jogged and walked.”

But this time around, she’s taking it a little bit slower with yoga, walks, and stretches alongside a physical therapist.

She also admitted to indulging in several cravings, including chocolate and peanut butter. However, she did say she’s also chugging four liters of water everyday, and is apparently avoiding eating meals past 7 pm.

A New Solo Album, Too?

With a new baby on the way, the singer says she’s trying to cherish her solo time with son Titan as much as she can.

“When he’s ready to play, it’s very real,” she said.

As for new music, Kelly joked about her hesitation to drop the news also being fueled by her fans’ pleads for a fifth solo album.

“I was thinking, Oh my god, my fans are gonna be so disappointed… They wanted an album first, but they got a baby!”

Don’t worry, though. While Kelly didn’t reveal any details about a potential next album, she did add, “And I was like, ‘I have to figure this out so they get both.'”