Did Lizzo Steal Her Most Famous Song? Third Musician Comes Forward With Plagiarism Accusations


Oh man, this is one truth that truly hurts. Lizzo became an instant legend after her Coachella set this year, and now the singing, rapping, flute-playing diva is a bona fide superstar.

But what if it’s all been a big ol’ lie?

Lizzo accused of plagiarism

Part of Lizzo’s appeal is how “real” she seems. As one of the very few plus-sized pop stars, she’s become a beacon of body positivity.

Lizzo has also been honest about her struggles with mental health and encourages her fans to get treatment for depression.

Now, it seems like she needs to treat her allergies to the truth. Namely, the fact that multiple artists have come forward with accusations of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Took a DNA Test… 100% A Lie?

Songwriter and producer Justin Raisen came forward to reveal that Lizzo’s hit “Truth Hurts” borrowed heavily from an earlier song called “Healthy.”

In fact, it’s pretty much a total rip-off.

In a side-by-side video, Raisen proved that the lyrics, melody, and chord progression of “Truth Hurts” is strikingly similar to “Healthy.”

“On April 11th, 2017, we wrote a song called ‘Healthy’ w/ Lizzo, Jesse St John, and Yves Rothman at our studio,” Raisen wrote in an Instagram post. “We were never contacted about being credited for the use of the parts of ‘Healthy’ (melody, lyrics, and chords) that appear in ‘Truth Hurts’.”

He went out to say that he had reached out to producer Ricky Reed and Lizzo’s camp in an effort to get credit and a 5% cut of the royalties. For the last 2 years, Raisen claims, they’ve been completely stonewalled in their attempt to set the record straight.

“Coming forward publicly to family, friends, artists, and colleagues seems to be the only way at this point in relieving some of our emotional distress caused by this. The last thing we want to do is throw any negativity toward Lizzo’s momentum and movement as a cultural figure. If we believe in what she’s preaching, believing in ourselves & our own voices is something we thought she’d understand.”

Not only that, but singer Mina Lioness was the one who first wrote the famous line “I just did a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that b*tch.”

She tweeted out the receipts, and in his Instagram post, Raisen fesses up that they saw the line in a meme and used it without attribution.

“A meme of that came up in our writing session & inspired the lyric and melody we wrote together. If Ricky and Lizzo’s team decide to settle this dispute with us, we would like to share some of the proceeds with Mina for her influence on Healthy,” Raisen promised.

Lizzo’s lawyer categorically denies the truth of Raisen’s claims.

“Finally” Hitmaker Hits Back

If that wasn’t bad enough, now CeCe Peniston is coming forward to point out that the chorus of “Juice” sure sounds a lot like her iconic hit “Finally.”

Peniston also provided a side-by-side video on Instagram to show how similar the “yai yai” refrain is to her 1992 track.

“[T]his is a clear example of #copyrightinfringement,” Peniston wrote. “[Y]’all check this out and btw I love her music.”