Reality Star Kate Gosselin Is “Twisted” by Fame, Says Ex Jon Gosselin

The Dr. Oz Show | One Country

Former reality TV star Jon Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame visited The Dr. Oz Show, where he got candid about his ex-wife and her priorities as a parent.

Jon Gosselin on The Dr. Oz Show
The Dr. Oz Show | One Country

Finally Able to Speak Out After Ten-Year Gag Order

Jon Gosselin sat down with Dr. Oz for a tell-all interview since, apparently, a ten-year gag order tied to his divorce is over. The 43-year-old former reality star got candid and certainly didn’t hold back when talking about his ex-wife, Kate, and the 8 kids that they share together.

It’s been ten years since the former reality TV parents Jon and Kate Gosselin split. The former couple once shared much of their lives on TLC’s reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which also featured the couple’s kids: two twins and a set of sextuplets. So much of their lives were featured on television that they even shared the news of their impending divorce with the world during a 2009 episode.

Kate filed for divorce after ten years of marriage, launching a nasty public feud that’s been going on ever since, as well as a tense legal battle over custody of their eight children.

After 10 years, Jon was ready and able to speak up about that time of his life, he and had some things to say about ex Kate, as well.

He Wanted to Walk Away From Reality TV

Jon, who is done with reality TV and now works as an IT analyst, says that he chose to walk away from the camera crews as he was worried about the well-being of his children. According to him, when he didn’t want to do the show anymore, Kate “did not want to be married anymore.”

Jon told Dr. Oz that Kate filed for divorce “out of the blue” after that. “Because I didn’t want to film anymore. I wasn’t part of the business model anymore.”

When speaking about Kate, Jon says that “she tends to think more on her level selfishly instead of for others.”

He also made some pretty lofty claims about why Kate filed for divorce and fought so hard in court for custody, stating, “All she wanted was legal custody to film my kids, sustain her lifestyle and their lifestyle. It gets all warped. That’s fame, though. It just twists things around.”

Kate’s Belief System “Skewed,” “Twisted”

Dr. Oz asked Jon if he believes that Kate is “unfit” as a mother, to which Jon said he thinks that her “belief system is skewed,” adding, “I think once fame and money got involved, it twisted her belief system.”

Jon also alleges that Kate sent son Collin to live at a special needs facility despite having no diagnosis. He says that he didn’t even know where his son was for two and a half years, and it took him another year to get him out.

Collin spent 3 years at Fairmount Behavioral Health Institute in Philadelphia, which serves as a chemical dependency inpatient rehab center and an inpatient behavioral health disorder treatment center for both children and adults.

While Jon has come out with claims that Collin suffers PTSD from being “caged” in the institute without cause, he says that these days, Collin is “doing great” and is in the U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC). Both Collin and sister Hannah now live with Jon full time.