Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Says He Owes Over $500k in Child Support


Former NFL superstar and current TV host Michael Strahan owes ex-wife, Jean Muggli, more than half a million dollars in child support, according to the legal docs she filed.

michael strahan ex wife says he owes child support

The couple married back in 1999, but divorced in 2006. The settlement, including child support, got a little messy and turned into a long battle in court. It eventually ended with a judge ordering Michael to hand over a $15.3 million payout to Jean and $18,000 a month in child support for their twin daughters. Court docs say that the amount was decreased to $13,000 a month in 2009.

Who Knew Horses Were So Expensive?

Jean claims that part of their agreement was for Michael to go halfsies on the cost of their twin daughters’ extra pricey horseback-riding lessons.

The fourteen-year-old twins, Sophia and Isabella, are apparently accomplished riders, but those equestrian lessons aren’t cheap. The legal docs say that Michael hasn’t been paying for them since 2017 and is now $450,802 in debt.

michael strahan owes child support for twins

Michael’s response? He insists that he never agreed to any such arrangement.

That isn’t all that Jean says she’s owed, either. She’s also seeking another $321,654 on top of that, claiming that Michael has underpaid child support since 2010. Jean says that the monthly amount Michael pays in child support has never been adjusted for cost of living.

Should Adjustments Be Made For Cost of Living?

While Michael isn’t willingly going to pony up the extra cash for the extravagant horseback riding hobby, his court docs do show he agrees that their original agreement needs some cost-of-living adjustments. How much those adjustments should be, though, he’s not sure.

Luckily for him, it sounds like Jean already hired an entire accounting program to do the math.

She thinks that number should actually be $18,378 a month. And since Michael’s monthly income is significantly higher now than it was in 2009, thanks to his TV gigs like Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday, Jean says he can clearly afford it.

Jean originally filed a money judgement in New York, where Michael lives, but they also have a concurrent case in North Carolina where Jean and the twins reside.

The next hearing for the former couple is scheduled for November.