Madonna is being sued by a man in Florida who is angry that her concert start time was pushed back by two hours to accommodate the pop superstar’s infamous tardiness.

And while Madonna has finally responded, her response has left a bad taste for some fans.

Madonna being sued by florida man over concert start time

Late Start Times Leave Fans Frustrated

Fans across the country have been expressing their anger over the start times for the 61-year-old’s current Madame X tour, which kicked off in September. According to reports from concertgoers, the shows have been starting several hours after the time listed on their purchased tickets.

Nate Hollander from Florida decided that enough is enough and has filed a lawsuit over the issue. He filed the lawsuit in Miami-Dade County court against both the pop star and her events promoter, Live Nation.

Hollander had purchased three tickets to an upcoming Madonna concert in Miami Beach on December 17th, totaling $1,024 according to the suit. While the show was originally promoted as starting at 8:30pm, Madonna’s Miami tour stop was rescheduled to begin at 10:30 p.m. after Hollander had already shelled out all that cash.

Not Everyone Can Stay Up That Late

The suit says that Madonna’s consistently late start times are to blame, prompting Live Nation to start changing the official schedule of several subsequent shows, including the Miami concert.

The changed start times mean that some fans, like Hollander, are now unable to attend due to work or school. And some places, like Miami-Dade County, have curfews for teens under 18, which means that teen fans who were planning on attending without an adult are now unable to go.

Hollander did attempt to get a refund from Live Nation for his tickets after the start time had changed, but he says that the ticket seller refused to refund him. The lawsuit claims that the later start time also caused “an extreme loss of value” of the tickets, making reselling the tickets “impossible.”

Madonna’s Response to Angry Fans

Madonna herself doesn’t seem very concerned with her fans’ complaints or the pending lawsuit concerning her tardiness.

After her recent tour stop in Las Vegas didn’t start until after midnight, Madonna was faced with booing fans and chants demanding refunds.

Addressing the crowd, Madonna told them, “[H]ere’s something that you all need to understand. And that is, that a queen is never late.”

For fans who were not in attendance in Vegas, Madonna did us all a favor and also later posted a video clip of that moment to her Twitter so that anyone with internet service could get the message.

I don’t think it went over as well as Madonna had hoped, with many fans responding by calling the pop star “deluded,” “disrespectful,” and “unprofessional.”