William H. Macy Tells Judge: Felicity’s Relationship with Daughters “Exploded”


The college admissions scandal marches on. While we’re still waiting to hear how Lori Loughlin will fare in a court trial, Felicity Huffman’s sentencing is likely to happen soon.


In a (supposed) show of support for his wife, fellow actor William H. Macy penned a letter to the judge. Frankly, it might do more harm than good!

What He Wrote

Beloved character actor William H. Macy channeled his best Mark Twain impression to write a lengthy letter of support to the judge overseeing his wife’s case. Unfortunately for her, his words seem to be more focused on defending their kids and distancing himself from her crime.

“To be sure Felicity’s relationship with her daughters exploded on March 12th and rebuilding that relationship will be a long process. But I also want you to know Felicity has raised two amazing young women,” Macy wrote in a letter on September 4.

“After her arrest, Felicity found a wonderful family therapist and we’ve all been going (in various combinations) for the last few months. There is much to be done, and some of the hurt and anger will take years to work through, but we are making progress.”

Macy also wrote that their older daughter, Sophia (19), has been suffering since her mother’s arrest. “She still doesn’t like to sleep alone and has nightmares from the FBI agents waking her that morning with guns drawn,” he claimed.

Headed for Splitsville?

Is it just me, or that kind of a weasel move? There’s a reason to suspect that William H. Macy avoided arrest on a technicality. He wasn’t on the phone during a wire-tapped call, and Felicity handled the emailing, but it’s possible that he was aware of and even approved of the plan to help their daughters cheat on the SATs.

It seems like he’s disavowing all knowledge of the bribery and throwing his wife under the bus in the process.

Note how he writes “her daughters” and “Felicity has raised two amazing young women.” He doesn’t say “our daughters” or “we raised.” That’s suspicious, right?

There are rumors that Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli are headed for a split. To this gossip sleuth, it sounds like Macy and Huffman might have already checked out of their relationship. However, Macy ended the letter by saying, “Every good thing in my life is because of Felicity Huffman.”

Those are some mixed messages, sir.

It didn’t help that the recommendation for Huffman’s sentencing–which includes a month in jail and a $20,000 fine–arrived on the couple’s 22nd wedding anniversary.

Just Take Online Classes, Kids

Here’s what gets me about the entire college admissions scandal. There’s no shame in attending a lower-ranked school or doing your basic requirements at a community college, or just taking online classes. In fact, young people shouldn’t feel pressured to attend college at all if they don’t want to continue their formal education at 18.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin used their money and privilege to get their daughters something that the girls didn’t even need.