Taylor Swift Gets Revenge on Past Bully


In a clever move, Taylor Swift has big plans for dealing with what she once called her “worst-case scenario.”

Taylor Swift

The last thing the Me! Singer ever wanted was to lose control of her early records. But that’s exactly what happened when Scooter Braun’s Ithica Holdings bought out her old record label, Big Machine. In fact, it’s something she said she couldn’t have imagined, even in her “worst nightmare.”

The purchase led to an online feud with quite a few celebrities chiming in with their opinions, too. Team Taylor seemed to have the most support when it came to those outspoken on social media. However, there were several big names backing Braun as well.

Regardless, Taylor now has a plan for dealing with the major issue at hand here.

Better than Revenge

If she can’t own her original masters, it seems she’s ready and willing to make new ones. That’s right, she intends to re-record those old songs of hers in order to offset her loss of the originals.

According to Billboard, the pop star told CBS Sunday Morning’s Tracy Smith that she intends to create new masters.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Taylor responded when asked if she had a “plan” to re-record her early albums to regain control of them.

It seems like she’ll be spending a lot of time in the studio. However, no accounting program in the world could possibly estimate how significantly it will impact her or Braun’s bottom line. (And we expect this feud could potentially get pretty nasty, too.)

Bad Blood

Tensions were high earlier this summer, with Taylor taking to Tumblr to vent her frustrations over the Big Machine buyout. Not only did she express her disdain for the deal, she also accused Braun of having bullied her via his celebrity clients – including Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

She also claims she didn’t even hear about the purchase until “it was announced to the world.”

Braun and several officials at Big Machine have disputed that notion, however. In fact, Braun even replied to Taylor’s Tumblr post with a write-up of his own. Though he can’t entirely disprove Swift’s comment, it’s clear he certainly doesn’t believe it.

“I truly doubt that,” he says in his blog post, citing all the ways in which Taylor should have known sooner.

Should’ve Said No

Taylor did make a solid point in her now-famous complaint though. Regardless of how she found out or when, it’s understandable that she’d be distraught by the situation.

“This is what happens when you sign a deal at fifteen,” she said. Further, she added she felt Big Machine founder Scott Borchetta treated the idea of “loyalty” as “just a contractual concept.”

Whether or not she took the sale of her masters to Braun as a personal attack (which she did), this scenario isn’t an unusual one. Young artists are often taken advantage of by their labels, and it’s impossible to predict what the future may hold.

…Ready for It?

In the meantime, Taylor’s new record Lover comes out tomorrow, Friday, August 23 on Universal Music Group’s Republic Records.

Several singles have already been released, including the title track as well as the singles You Need to Calm Down and Me! The full album features 18 tracks in all.

This is her first release since her contract with Big Machine ended last November.