Kim Kardashian’s 6th Toe Seen in Photo Fail

Instagram | Kim Kardashian

Kim’s 6th toe was revealed to fans when she posted a photo to her Instagram feed.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to enhancing her photos, but this might go a little beyond using a filter or two.

Kim Posts on IG to Promote New Fragrance

She posted a photo of herself with sister Kylie Jenner on Monday, to promote their new fragrance collaboration. In the photo, the two sisters are both wearing one-legged full-length bodysuits and sandals, walking toward the camera.

In the caption, Kim says that the collaboration is “extra special” to her, because her sister has been wearing Kim’s fragrances forever, and she knows how much Kylie “loves the process.” She also says that it was impossible to find Kylie’s one perfect scent, so they’re releasing her three favorites.

Unfortunately for Kim, fans weren’t as excited about the fragrance collab announcement as they were about what they managed to spot in the photo.

Kim Kardashian 6th toe
Instagram | Kim Kardashian

Does Kim Have a 6th Toe?

Kim is apparently back at it again with a photo fail, because the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has fans questioning her feet. It’s either a Photoshop flop, or Kim needs to double-check her vitamins, because they’ve made her magically grow a sixth toe!

Fans are making all kinds of hilarious comments, asking “Am I tripping or does Kim have 6 toes?” and saying, “That sixth toe is iconic.” One user pointed out that a previous photo that was posted earlier in the month shows that she really only has 5 toes and is left wondering how someone could mess up so badly that they edited in an extra toe.

Kim Kardashian 6th toe
Instagram | Kim Kardashian

Kim hasn’t made any statements in response to the uproar over the appearance of an extra toe yet. But she is certainly no stranger to accusations about editing her photos before posting them.

Second Photoshop Fail This Month

Just last week, Kim also posted about her new fragrance collab with Kylie, with a photo from the same photoshoot. The pair are lying on the ground wearing the same bodysuits and holding onto a perfume bottle that looks like a pair of lips.

Fans found it hard to look at anything except Kim’s thumb in the photo, though, because it is abnormally long! It’s almost like a claw, or an extra finger.