Taylor Swift Helps Fan Pay For College with VERY Generous Donation


Taylor Swift is one celebrity that always tries to connect with her fans. She is known to interact on Tumblr with them and never seems to mind snapping a picture or signing a photo.

This pop star has taken it one step farther this week, though.

Shutterstock Taylor Swift generous donation feat

On Monday, she donated $6,386.47 CAD to one Canadian fan, the equivalent of about $4,800 USD, who shared her financial struggles on her Tumblr. Hey, college is expensive – even online classes aren’t cheap. Taylor is here to help.

Get Your Learn On

Toronto mega-fan Ayesha Khurram shared on her Tumblr that she was about $5k short of being able to afford college, along with her PayPal information. She admitted that she didn’t know what else to do, and if anyone could spare money to her cause she would appreciate it.

Without help, Ayesha would have to drop out of school.

Two hours later, she got an email from PayPal saying that “Taylor National, LLC” sent her the funds, with a note that reads “Ayesha, get your learn on girl. I love you! Taylor”.

She shared the screenshot on Instagram and Tumblr with a note that she had “no words” and couldn’t stop crying. It isn’t every day your favorite celebrity becomes invested in your education, after all.

Huge Help to Her Family

What Taylor probably didn’t realize was just how much this would help the girl, whose family is struggling.

After receiving the donation and taking time to gather herself, Ayesha shared some very personal information. Both her parents work minimum wage jobs and were incredibly stressed about finding the money to send her to school this semester.

In addition, her mother has a chronic kidney condition that is aggravated by stress. Taylor’s donation has lifted their spirits to a level that she says she never saw before.

Not The First Time

More than most, Taylor values her fans.

In 2015 Taylor sent self-proclaimed “superfan” Rebekah Bortniker a necklace, a watercolor painting by the singer herself, and a check for $1,989, a reference to her album 1989, that was meant to go towards student loans.

The care package included a handwritten note about how much Taylor appreciated fans like Bortniker, and how positive and beautiful she was.

The care package came after Rebekah shared a mashup of Taylor and her gal pals to the ‘Friends’ theme song on her Tumblr. Taylor wanted to express her appreciation for Rebekah’s creative love and support.