Terrence Howard Wants to Quit Acting and Bring “Truth to the World”


It’s officially an epidemic, folks. Music stars and now actors are turning their backs on entertainment. Empire star Terrence Howard says that he’s quitting the biz for a very weird reason.


Done With Pretending

Now that Empire is done (thanks in part to Jussie Smollett’s whole deal), Terrence Howard has a clear schedule. And instead of hustling for a new role, he’s decided to retire from acting.

Howard turned 50 this year, and with nearly a hundred acting credits to his name, the man has earned an early retirement if he wants one. However, it turns out that Terrence has bigger–and more bizarre–plans in the works.

Howard told Extra correspondent Cheslie Kryst that his plans post-Empire won’t involve Hollywood. When she asked what Terrence planned to do now that his show is done, Howard said, Oh, I’m done with acting. I’m done pretending.”

Bringing Truth to the World?

Cheslie pressed him to clarify what that meant, suggesting that he might focus on philanthropy next. “No, not philanthropy,” Howard replied, sounding a little bit like a super-villain. “I’m just focusing on bringing truth to the world.”

What could that possibly mean? Extra didn’t ask any additional questions in the brief interview clip, but we did some digging and found this strange social media post from August where Howard suggested that we’ve all been lied to about basic math:


“Dear Friends, I believe that enough time has passed with Mankind behaving as if we are living in the dark ages!” he captioned the post.

“At last, ‘the proof and the pudding’ is ready to be served! Go to Tcotlc.com and download the Truth concerning Man’s flawed approach to math and let me show you, How our Universe truly Works!”

Tcotlc.com turns out to be a collection of fractal illustrations and some New Age mumbo jumbo claiming “This is the Truth, This is the Light, This is the WAVE.” Maybe he’s starting a cult-like Jared Leto?

About That Criminal Investigation

Hopefully, he’ll also take care of his little problem with criminal tax evasion now that he has some free time. Terrence and his wife, Mira, are reportedly under federal investigation for using Mira’s company Universal Bridges Inc to do some shady stuff with their taxes. Terence has also been hit with multiple liens over the years for almost $2 million in back taxes.

Given his unorthodox approach to math and money, it seems possible that Howard simply doesn’t understand how taxes work. If he needs help, maybe we could all start sending him our recommendations for the best tax attorneys? Let’s crowd-source a solution, friends!

The final season of Empire will begin airing on September 24 on Fox. Will you be watching?