Actor Danny Trejo Saves Baby Trapped in Overturned Car


He may often play villains in the movies, but actor Danny Trejo certainly has a heroic side in real life.


Recently, the Machete star helped rescue a baby from an overturned car after witnessing an accident in Los Angeles. When he saw one of the two vehicles involved in the crash roll over, Trejo sprang into action.

Baby Trapped Inside

In the overturned vehicle, there was a baby still strapped into a car seat. And if it hadn’t been for that car seat, Trejo said, things could have been really tragic.

“The only thing that saved the little kid,” he told a photographer at the scene, “was his car seat.”

Trejo attempted to crawl through the car’s broken window, but he was unable to get the seat belt undone. Luckily, another bystander, a woman named Monica Jackson, was able to lend a hand. Together, they were able to free the young child.

Detailing the Crash

The accident occurred in the Slymar neighborhood at the intersection of Hubbard Street and Jackman Avenue around 3 p.m.

When a driver in a sedan ran the red light, it slammed into a Ford Explorer. The impact was so forceful, it caused the SUV to flip over.

Inside was a grandmother, and though she was injured, her biggest concern was her baby.

“Get my baby, get my baby,” the woman repeated.

And that’s just what Trejo and Jackson did.

After the Accident

As rescuers rushed in to help others involved in the accident, Trejo helped distract the panicked child.

“I said, ‘OK we have to use our superpowers,’” Trejo recalled. “So he screamed, ‘Superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers.’”

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, three people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital. None of their injuries were life threatening.

Both vehicles appeared heavily damaged, and it’s likely both parties will want to secure a top auto accident attorney.

Trejo’s advice to L.A. motorists is simple: “Pay attention.”

Good Karma

As for why he jumped in to help, it seems the actor believes in paying it forward.

“Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else,” Trejo told ABC7. “Everything.”

Though he’s most well-known for his tough guy roles in Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids and Machete films, Trejo’s also appeared in numerous other films and TV series. He also owns several Los Angeles restaurants, including a taco joint and a donut shop.