Ed Sheeran Quits Music, His Reason Why


In a shocking announcement, musician Ed Sheeran says he won’t be playing any live concerts any time soon.

During his final performance of his recent ‘Divide’ tour, in his home town of Ipswich, the 28-year-old musician made a shocking announcement to his fans.

Ed Sheeran quits music

Sheeran Announces He Won’t Be on Stage Any Time Soon

Wearing his Ipswich Town football shirt, Sheeran was on stage at Chantry Park on Monday evening when he gave his fans an emotional farewell. He used his homecoming show to announce that he will be taking a break from playing concerts.

But why? Sheeran revealed to his fans that his plans for a hiatus involve his personal life. He wants to be able to spend more time with his new wife, Cherry Seaborn.

‘Divide’ Tour Breaks Record as Highest-Grossing Tour Ever

By the time he made his announcement at the last tour stop, Ed Sheeran had played to nine million people around the world. The singer’s monumental world tour was on the road for over two years. Since March 2017, he had performed 280 shows. In fact, the ‘Divide’ tour was so big, that it broke records as the biggest, most attended, and highest-grossing tour of all time.

Sheeran compared reaching the end of the tour to “breaking up with a girlfriend that you’ve been with for years,” but it sounds like the singer is going out with a bang.

On top of his hiatus announcement, Sheeran also told his fans that his Ipswich show was his final solo concert. When he does finally return to the stage, it will be with a band.

To end what he dubbed a “bittersweet” last show, he told fans that he’ll see them in a few years, and closed the show out by playing a song that he wrote when he was 15 years old, ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.’

Sheeran Talked About Focusing on Family in June

You didn’t need to be a psychic reader to see this coming, though. Although it might be sad for fans, it shouldn’t be shocking to hear that Sheeran wants to step away from the stage to spend time with his new wife. He had already spoken previously about needing to take time away from the music business to focus more on his family.

Back in June, the singer told fans that he was planning to step away, saying that he’s “starting a life with Cherry,” and he “can’t spend the next 20 years on the road.”