Robin William’s Son Names Firstborn Child in His Father’s Honor

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Nearly 5 years after Robin William’s took his own life, his eldest son Zachary Pym Williams has honored his late father in the best way a child can – by naming his own son after him.

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Instagram | realrobinwilliams

The baby, born a healthy 8lbs and 20 ½ inches long on May 22nd, was named McLaurin Clement Williams. McLaurin was Robin Williams’ middle name, though the new parents plan to call their firstborn “Mickey” for short.

Newest Addition to the Family

Mickey was born to Zak, 36, and his fiancé, Olivia June. Zak is an entrepreneur and Angel investor, and since his father’s death by suicide in 2014 an outspoken advocate of mental health. Olivia June is the CEO of the community app “Hey!”, and has done other tech-startups in her past. Mickey is their first child.

The first-look photos of the newest addition to the Williams family were taken by Zelda Williams, Robin’s middle child, and only daughter.  Zelda and Zak share the same father, but Zelda – and her youngest sibling, Cody – are from Robin’s second marriage to Marsha Garces, while Zak is the product of Robin’s first marriage to Valerie Velardi.

Grief Affects All

The siblings have been very open with the struggles they have faced since losing their father. Zak said in a biography about his father that he “kicked himself” for not visiting more, or spending more time with Robin during his final months. He thinks Robin was “very alone” and could have used his support.

On Robin’s birthday last year, Zelda shared a touching picture of the two with a long caption of her dark times after her father’s passing. She said she was wildly creative, and through the pain wrote many scripts – but also rarely saw the light of day, and isolated herself.

Robin Williams Death

Robin Williams was considered a comedy genius by many and had a huge career spanning decad1es. He was found by his assistant Monday, August 11th, 2014 after he had hung himself in his closet. Police found superficial wounds on his wrist that show he attempted other methods of suicide first.

Robin’s wife Susan Scheider Williams opened up after his death, revealing that he had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder of the nervous system. The autopsy also reportedly found signs of diffuse Lewy body disease, a neurodegenerative disorder that sometimes accompanies Parkinson’s.

Symptoms of diffuse Lewy body include hallucinations, changes in mental status or awareness, and dementia. His family ultimately believes this is the reason he took his life.