Rihanna Stunned by Child Look-alike, Tyra Banks Sends out SOS to Find Her


Apparently, Rihanna has a mini-me. The Barbadian singer recently shared a picture of her young look-alike on social media, and we’re shook.

Tyra Banks Instagram Rihanna Lookalike feat
Tyra Banks | Instagram

We’re not the only ones either. First of all, Riri herself captioned the image, “Almost drop my phone. how?”

Several celebrities were also shocked by the resemblance, including supermodel Miranda Kerr, Lena Waite, and Priyanka Chopra. Snoop Dogg asked, “When did u have a baby?” And Tyra Banks even wants to sign the young doppelgänger as a model.

Riri’s Mini-Me

Rihanna has one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. So, when her fans recognized a resemblance in a young look-alike, they were quick to tag the superstar.

Photos of the girl, whose name is Ala’a, were posted on Instagram by her mother Bria Kay.

Kay frequently posts photos and videos of her daughter to her @iambriakay_ Instagram account, which has over 45,000 followers. Ala’a also has an account with the name @iamhoneyy__, which has already amassed more than 13,000 followers.

While Ala’a does look a lot like Rihanna in some photographs, she looks rather different in others.

Tyra Banks’ ‘S.O.S.’

Regardless, once Banks saw photos of the young girl, she immediately re-posted it.

“S.O.S.,” she wrote, requesting that someone help her identify the young Riri look-alike, describing her as “@badgalriri’s #freshfierceface mini-me.”

Of course, it seems that Ala’a has already been readily identified. Whether or not she’ll be signing any major modeling contracts in the near future is here to be seen. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if we find her peddling everything from hair vitamins to probiotic foods before you know it.

There’s no doubt she’s got a potential future as an Instagram influencer if nothing else.

Tons of Attention

With her daughter being recognized by Rihanna, it’s no surprise Kay and Ala’a’s Instagram accounts have gained countless followers.

Kay even commented on Rihanna’s original post, too. “Awww that’s my baby,” she wrote.

As we noted, a handful of celebrities were also amazed by the little girl’s resemblance to the Diamonds singer. In addition to those mentioned previously, Orange is the New Black star Uzo Aduba summed up her feelings with a simple, “Legit WOW!” And Lala Anthony was practically speechless.

Not only did Snoop Dogg think Ala’a looked like she could be Rihanna’s daughter, Khadijah Haqq suggested a similar notion.

“At least you know what your daughter would look like,” said Khloé Kardashian’s close friend.

While there’s no guarantee that if Rihanna had a daughter she’d look like Ala’a, it definitely wouldn’t surprise us either.