Dina Lohan–Lindsay’s Mom–Is Engaged to a Man She’s Never Met!


Dina Lohan–a person most of us had forgotten even existed–is back in the news with a story that’s weird enough to make us pay attention.

Dina Lohan

Celebrity Big Brother Reveal

Lindsay’s former momager needs something to do now that her daughter is off “managing” a beach club. She signed up for Celebrity Big Brother–apparently, they use a previously unknown definition of the word “celebrity”–and spilled some very weird tea about her personal life in February.

Dina told her housemates that she was in a relationship. For the last five years. With a man she’d never met.

Wait, what?

Catfish Situation?

It was such a bizarre thing to claim that people immediately wondered if the guy was even real. Was Dina Lohan making up a fake relationship, like a teenager telling her friends about her boyfriend who goes to another school? Or could she be a victim of a long-term catfishing situation?

Who better to ask than Catfish host Nev Schulman? He vowed to discover if Dina’s mystery man existed. But before he could get to the bottom of things, a guy named Jesse Nadler stepped forward and claimed the title.

The pair met online, and their friendship grew into romance. They text, email, and talk on the phone. But they don’t FaceTime, which is super duper sketchy, right?

When her Big Brother housemates expressed skepticism about this alleged boyfriend, Dina said “It’s real! Some guys just don’t use iPhones!”

Engaged Without Meeting Face-to-Face

Jesse lives in San Francisco and is a caretaker for his mother–which is why he never flew out to New York to visit Dina. As for her, she hasn’t given a real reason for their unusual relationship.

And now, having still never met each other in person, Dina and Jesse are engaged! C’mon, even Gypsy Rose Blanchard (who is serving a prison sentence for murder) manages to spend time with her fiance in person.

Look, Dina Lohan is a grown woman. At 56 years old, she should be savvy enough to realize that something ain’t right about her relationship.

Earlier this week, the “couple” allegedly broke up after getting into a huge fight. TMZ reported that the fight was about Jesse talking to tabloids about their “relationship.” But either that report was false or else they got over the fight pretty quickly, because now they’re getting married. He bought her an engagement ring and everything.

Do you think he’s going to mail it to her?