Seven Surprising Things You May Not Know About Emily Blunt

In case you haven’t noticed, the woman of the moment is most certainly Emily Blunt. With an upcoming film coming out December 19, there’s no denying the buzz surrounding her right now. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll too be rushing to the theatre to see her in Mary Poppins Returns. After all, it’s the sequel we’ve been waiting 54 years to see, and Blunt seems truly perfect for the part.


In anticipation of the movie’s release, Blunt is also featured as Vogue’s December cover model. Plus, she also partook in a “73 Questions” interview with the magazine as well. And, well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share some of the things we learned.

1. She knows just whose closet is the most stylish.

If she could raid any celebrity closet it’d be Blake Lively’s. We certainly can’t blame her there.

2. Her dream ensemble cast is pretty impressive.

Speaking of Lively, she’s also included in Blunt’s dream ensemble cast. Also on the list are Benicio del Toro, Dwayne Johnson, Sienna Miller, Ryan Reynolds, Emily Mortimer – and, of course, herself.

3. If she could work with any director, it’d be Alfonso Cuarón.

Now, if you’re casting a movie with such a cast, who better to direct it than Alfonso Cuarón? Best known for A Little Princessand Y Tu Mamá También, Cuarón has yet to work with Blunt. He also directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,Children of Men, and Gravity. That’s a pretty impressive body of work right there. We can see why Blunt would want to work with him for sure.

4. She’s not about watching herself.

Apparently, she does not go back and re-watch films after they’ve come out. She claims she’d only pick them apart if she did.

5. She got into acting because of a stutter.

It’s true, acting actually helped her overcome the stutter she had as a child. When in character it seems she would speak more fluently.

6. If she hadn’t become an actress, she’d love to have worked for the UN.

While she says her Spanish isn’t so good anymore, had she not gone into acting, she might’ve become a translator.

7. Leo is her dream co-star.

While, interestingly, he’s not part of her ideal ensemble cast, her dream co-star is Leonardo DiCaprio.