Jenny McCarthy Spills All the Tea About Her Time on ‘The View’


Jenny McCarthy’s latest book, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View’, doesn’t pull any punches. She tells all about the behind-the-scenes drama that made her life miserable and calls out her former costars by name.

Jenny McCarthy

“Every day I went home and I was miserable,” the Masked Singer judge confessed. “It really was the most miserable I’ve been on a job in my 25 years of show business.”

Where’s Jenny?

Jenny calls out Barbra Walters in particular for making her feel unwelcome. Jenny was brought in to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck in 2013, and apparently, her costars strongly preferred Elisabeth to Jenny.

“They did try to change me. they wanted Elisabeth back,” Jenny recalls. “I would literally have meetings before the show of them trying to input opinions in me to go against Whoopi. I was going to work crying. I couldn’t be myself. My fans were telling me, ‘Where’s Jenny? They aren’t letting you be you.’”

Fashion Police

According to Jenny, Barbra Walters appointed herself as the fashion police of The View. If she didn’t like what Jenny was wearing, she ordered the junior host to change. According to Jenny, it was more jealousy than anything else:

“She wanted to start dressing like me. There were times when she’d say ‘change’ and she’d make people run out and get that dress in her size. I was a human Barbie doll.”

Whoopi in Charge

Jenny quickly butted heads with Whoopi Goldberg. She claims that Whoopi wouldn’t allow debate and frequently silenced Jenny: “I was able to get a point out in three words, like, ‘I don’t agree’ — and that’s all I would be able to say. I would be stepped on or interrupted.”

She went on to say that Whoopi “controlling people’s thoughts, their words, the room, the table, your feeling, your mood.”

Autism Controversy

Her feud with Walters actually began years before in 2007, when Jenny booked an appearance on the view to promote Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism. Jenny alleges that Walters grilled her about the claims in the book.

To be fair, she’s weathered a lot of criticism about her anti-vaccination stance over the years. Most recently, Jenny has come under fire for her charity, Generation Rescue, which promotes products that claim to cure autism while enriching its board of directors.