Chrissy Teigen Got Botox in a Very Weird Place


Chrissy Teigen’s whole brand in built on oversharing. Her social media presence is always outspoken, often hilarious, and frequently sprinkled with TMI. On Tuesday, she released a video of herself getting Botox–in her armpits!


Live on Instagram!

The model and TV personality–whose good looks come from her Thai mother and Norwegian father–shares everything on her Instagram account. That includes a medical procedure where “her favorite human” Dr. Jason Diamond stuck needles in her armpits.

“BOTOXED MY ARMPITS. TRULY BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER MADE,” she captioned the Instagram Story. “I can wear silk again without soaking woohoo!”

Although she seems tense in the first part of the video clip, Chrissy quickly relaxes. “That really isn’t anything,” she said toward the end of the procedure. “It looked very frightening.”

She shared the video with her 25 million followers. When one fan asked if it hurt, Chrissy clarified that while she didn’t think it was that bad, “I also do laser hair removal there so my pain tolerance might be quite high.”

Chrissy Is Always Open About Plastic Surgery

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time Chrissy has gotten a medical procedure on her armpits. In 2017, she revealed that she had liposuction surgery on her underarms nearly a decade earlier.

“It was so easy. It made me feel better in dresses; I felt more confident. It was the dumbest, stupidest thing I’ve ever done. The dumbest, but I like it, whatever. I have no regrets, honestly,” she told Refinery29. She claimed that it added “two inches of length” to her arms.

What Does Armpit Botox Actually Do?

Although Botox is best known for paralyzing the muscles that cause frown lines and forehead creases, it is also used to prevent excessive sweating. It works by paralyzing the muscles and nerves that control sweat glands, preventing the problem at the root.

The official name for the condition is hyperhidrosis. Botox is an FDA-approved treatment for excess sweating–although, as with wrinkles, it’s only a temporary fix that will need to be repeated every 6-12 months. It’ll also set you back about $1000, and it almost certainly won’t be covered by insurance.

Speaking of roots, some people are getting Botox injections on their scalps to extend the life of their salon blowouts! Would you ever get cosmetic Botox?