The Wacky Royal Romance That’s Too Weird Not to Be True


We all love royal gossip. It’s like a soap opera and a romance novel rolled into one! We can’t get enough of the rumored scandal surrounding William and Kate or pictures of baby Archie.

But this story, featuring Norway’s Princess Martha, is the weirdest, wildest royal gossip we’ve heard in a long time.

Princess Martha

The Princess

Princess Martha Louise of Norway is the daughter of King Harald V Queen Sonja. At 47 years old, she’s been married and divorced from a royal-approved husband. And now… well, let’s just say that she’s following the beat of her own drum.

Princess Martha announced on Instagram last week that he made her realize that unconditional love actually exists.

Aww, that’s actually really sweet! But wait a sec. What’s this about “Shaman Durek”? Well, it turns out that the apparent love of Princess Martha’s life is an American “celebrity shaman” who hangs out with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow.

…And the Shaman

We have so many questions. How did these two meet? What could they possibly have in common? How long will it take before there’s a Lifetime TV movie about their love story?

For his part, Shaman Durek (real name: Derek Verrett), seems just as smitten with his new lady love. He wrote that she offers, pure acceptance” of himself.

I think that means he’s’ happy with her? These two seem to communicate on a whole different plane. You have to wonder how Princess Martha’s 3 teenage kids feel about this romance.

True Love Conquers All?

But, as the princess herself is quick to point out, haters can keep their opinions to themselves.

The unconventional couple is taking their love on the road with a series of spiritual workshops on their “The Princess and the Shaman” tour. They’re currently touring Scandinavia, but since Durek is based in Los Angeles, you can no doubt expect them to arrive stateside sooner or later.

And before you ask, there’s no chance of a Shaman King in the future. Although Princess Martha is the oldest child of the Norwegian king and queen, the throne will be passed down to her younger brother, Prince Haakon.