Michael Jordan Opens Health Clinic for Low-Income Families in Charlotte


Is there anything this man can’t do? I mean, besides play baseball. Living legend Michael Jordan just opened a clinic to help low-income families in Charlotte, North Carolina.

michael jordan opening health clinic

Clinical Services

Jordan, the current owner of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team, made a $7 million donation in 2017 to open a new clinic on Freedom Drive. The clinic will provide dental, physical, and behavioral health services to low-income families.

After Jordan made his donation, Novant assessed the region to see which area was most in need for health services. West Charlotte is one of the city’s poorest areas, so they decided to put the clinic there.

The clinic has 12 patient rooms, an X-ray room, and a physical therapy room in its 7,400 square feet of space. It will provide health care for people who don’t have it as well as resources for people to get assistance with housing and food.

The CEO of Novant Health, Carl Armato, said, “This clinic will not only provide access to medical care for those who need it most, but it will connect them to resources to ensure their health extends beyond the doctor’s office.”

If people don’t have insurance or the money to pay for services, the clinic will help the patients find programs to help.

The clinic has already served more than 300 patients since its soft opening three weeks ago.

Jordan’s Donation

Jordan gave a speech at the opening with obvious tears in his eyes. He said, “As you can see, it’s a very emotional thing for me to be able to give back to a community that’s supported me over the years. I know where I’m from.”

Jordan said that the donation was from his heart and not about the money. “It’s not the financials but… a passion from what this city, this state has given back to me. I can never repay what you have given to me. But this is a start.”

He also made sure the audience knew that the day wasn’t about him. “You see my name, but yet you see a lot of people behind me and the commitment, especially from my mom, about caring for other people and being a part of a community that matters.”

“This is just the start of a battle of being able to touch as many people as we can,” Jordan said. He plans to follow up on that claim, too–a second clinic is also planned for Brightwalk on Statesville Avenue. It should open later this year.