Jessica Simpson Mom-Shamed for Letting Daughter Do This

Instagram | Jessica Simpson

The internet often has a strong opinion when it comes to parenting. Do something that is against normal social convention, and you’re going to hear about it. Jessica Simpson experienced this earlier in the week after she shared a picture of her eldest daughter.

Instagram Jessica Simpson mom shamed feat
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

Her Daughter’s Hair

Jessica Simpson, 39, likes to share family photographs and updates on her personal life through Instagram. The account is full of family photos, candid shots of her children, and loving posts about her husband, Eric Johnson.

On Wednesday she shared two photographs of her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, 7, fresh from the hair salon with parts of her blonde hair dyed a purple and lavender color.  The photos were taken at Nine Zero One, a hair salon in Los Angeles whose motto is “The best you”.

The first has Maxi at a hair washing station with the bottom of her blonde locks wrapped in foil strips, indicative of a dye job.

The second photo has Maxi posing against a concrete wall, hair perfectly styled. Her long blonde locks – which reach her waist – are lightly curled and from the shoulders down, mixed with light and dark purples.

Jessica says Maxi’s desire for her purple hair was from seeing the character Mal from the Disney movie Descendants, who is played by Dove Cameron. In it, Mal has long, intensely purple hair.

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Instagram | Jessica Simpson

Internet Backlash

Mom’s everywhere had two reactions – one being positive, and the other not so much.

Some Simpson fans seem appalled that she would allow her young daughter to dye her hair, and think the girl is ‘far too young’ to do something so damaging to her hair.

Comments on the post include ‘it’s a shame’ that Jessica let her daughter dye her hair, suggest the color makes her look ‘older’ than her 7 years and even suggesting that Simpson is taking Max’s childhood away from her by allowing her to grow up so quickly.

Celebrity Support

Jessica doesn’t have to feel alone in this. Pink, 39, posted a photo just a day later on Instagram of her own daughter, eight-year-old Willow Sage, getting a blue hairdo from her mom.

In the photo collage, on the left side, you have Willow appearing to read a book while her mom wears long black latex gloves and paints hair dye on the back of her head. To the right, the photo shows a close up of Willow’s now-blue locks.

She says in the caption that she had heard people were giving Jessica Simpson a hard time about the dye job, so she would share what her family did that day. Her hashtags for the post include “blue hair don’t care”, “get your own kids” and “I’ll dye your hair too losers”.

What Has Jessica Been Up To?

Think Jessica Simpson isn’t relevant anymore? Think again!

Just because Simpson isn’t making music anymore doesn’t mean she isn’t doing anything. Her clothing and accessory line has a total revenue of over $1 billion and is widely considered to be the most successful celebrity fashion line ever.

In 2014 Jessica married long-time beau Eric Johnson, a former tight end for the San Francisco 49ers. Johnson also went to college at Yale, where he played football for their team.

The couple has three kids. Maxi is their oldest at 7, Ace Knute being 6, and Birdie May Johnson just 4 months old. Photos from her 39th birthday bash earlier in this month show that she still has got it when it comes to the best weight loss program and exercise routines – even though Birdie was born just months ago, she is already looking great.

By all accounts, this former singer is doing very well for herself with her fashion empire and is enjoying her time raising children and being a mom.