Kristen Bell Apologizes to Her Fans for this Shocking Reason


Wait, what?  Why on earth would America’s Sweetheart, Kristen Bell, have any reason to apologize to her fans?  For knowing the secret to the best wrinkle cream and vitamins known to mankind since she hardly shows her age?  Nope, that’s not it!

It is something far more dire: the way that her incredibly popular show Veronica Mars suffered a shocking twist ending in the current season’s finale that left many fans absolutely heartbroken.

Warning, there are spoilers ahead!

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Shocking Ending to Beloved Show Finale

Fans were overjoyed at first when a fourth season of Veronica Mars FINALLY landed on Hulu last month, but now they’re feeling kind of jaded after what happened to ‘Marshmallows’.  This led to Kristen Bell offering a personal apology.

Thing is, the finale seemed to be heading towards a happy ending at first.  Veronica Mars finally got to marry her high school sweetheart and was about to go on an exciting and love-filled honeymoon after thwarting a serial bomber.

However, that’s not what happened.

Love, Lost

Unfortunately, the serial bomber had one more trick up his sleeve that devastated Veronica Mars viewers in the middle of a time when they were feeling so happy for the main character.  The bomber rigged Veronica’s car to blow up, and her husband, Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring, was in the front seat.

Bell said about the incident, “I know it’s a heartbreak and I know that maybe Veronica didn’t make your favorite decisions this season, but you have to understand.  If everything was perfect and there was no conflict, you wouldn’t have a show.  There would be nothing to watch.”

“She’s still got a lot to work through,” Bell continued.  “I hope we’ll get to see it onscreen again if people forgive us.”

Dohring said he was just as shocked over what happened in the finale.  He said, “I was crushed for like three days.  I think that at the end of the show, you really see her determination, where she can pick herself up off the floor no matter what and continue, and I think that that’s what the show is, so beautifully led by Kristen.”

So what do you think about the finale?  Was it worth Logan losing his life?  Will you watch again if there’s a fifth season?