Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Get Matching Dog Tattoos – AWW!


Losing a pet can be devastating. So many couples see their pets as an extension of themselves, or the first step towards children.

Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner will have to be buying a lot less dog food soon, as they recently lost one of their beloved dogs, Waldo Picasso, in a freak accident. To commemorate their late pooch, they got matching tattoos of his adorable face.

The couple has also reportedly sought out therapy to deal with the sudden and extreme loss in their lives. It’s clear they had a lot of love for their dogs.

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What Happened to Waldo?

Sophia and Joe were walking their dogs in New York City when a pedestrian startled the pups. The couple had two dogs, Waldo and Porky, both Alaskan Klee Kai breeds from the same litter. Porky has been with the couple since September of 2017, but Waldo had only been with them since last April.

In his fright, Waldo was able to become detached from his leash and fled into traffic to get away. He was hit by a car and passed away soon afterward. Joe’s rep called the incident a “freak accident”.

Both Sophia and Joe have shared their grief through social media, with Joe writing “R.I.P. my little angel” as the caption to a photo of the tattoo, and Sophia posting her tattoo to her Instagram story, saying, “I miss you, Waldo. Rest in peace my little baby.”

Who Did Their Tattoos?

Joe and Sophia both got their tattoos done by an artist named ‘Dragon’ who works at Bang Bang in New York, New York. Dragon’s profile on Bang Bang’s website says that he specializes in illustrative color, realism, and fine line work.

Bang Bang is run by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who has been referred to by Vogue as the most famous tattoo artist in the world. He has tattooed dozens of celebrities, including Rhianna, Justin Beiber,  Katy Perry, and Lebron James.

Bang Bang is the place to go if you’re a celebrity in New York looking for new ink, so it’s no surprise this couple chose that shop.

Turner-Jonas Romance

Joe and Sophia have been together since 2016, and have had two weddings since then. The first happened at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas after they both attended the Billboard Music Awards. The second ceremony was much more in line with a traditional wedding and was held in the south of France.

In a truly romantic fashion, Joe first contacted Sophia through Instagram. They had both been following each other for a while, and Joe apparently slid into her DM’s one Friday afternoon. The couple said as soon as they met in person they knew the relationship was something special.

“We were all in.” He is quoted saying about the relationship in an interview earlier this year.

The couple is notoriously private, and it took them months to admit to the relationship, even after pictures of them together and reports of dates had been in the media.