Ryan Reynolds Trolls His Wife on Instagram in the Best Way

Instagram | Vancityreynolds

In a hilarious birthday prank, Ryan Reynolds shared a series of 10 pictures of his wife, Blake Lively, at various locations.  They included beach photos, party photos, and even one picture of her in a puffy coat holding a Barbie, wearing zero makeup and smiling.

Most women would love to be so publically acknowledged and loved on social media. Too bad the photos Reynolds shared are possibly the least flattering photographs of Blake in existence.

Instagram Vancityreynolds Ryan Reynolds trolls his wife on her birthday feat
Instagram | Vancityreynolds

I didn’t even know Lively could look so frumpy.

The Instagram Post, a Saga

Lively’s 32nd birthday was yesterday and Reynolds did his annual social media shoutout. Two years ago, he posted a photograph of the couple together at a red carpet event, with Lively nearly completely cut out of the picture. His caption was “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife”.

Lively retaliated in 2017 with a photograph of Reynolds and Ryan Gosling together, with Gosling pointing to Reynolds. The problem was her husband was also cut out of the picture, only a sliver of a face on the screen.

Lively captioned it with her own “Happy birthday, baby”.

This year Reynolds went one step further. Each of the 10 images is an unflattering picture of Lively, many of which catch her off guard by the camera. In all of them, she appears to be smiling, but a few – like the one above – she is laughing, speaking, or has her eyes closed.

In all of the pictures that include him, Reynolds is suspiciously good looking. While Lively may not be in focus or paying attention, he always is. I have to wonder how many photos he had to go through to find the ones where she is a mess, but he looks great.

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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

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Mostly, I’m just excited to see what she brings out this year for his birthday, which is on October 23rd.

Their Love Story

The couple married in 2012 and have two children, Inez Reynolds, who is 2, and James Reynolds, who is 4. Lively is currently pregnant with their third.

These two really are couple goals and have made it no secret that they love each other deeply, even while staying private with the more intimate moments of their lives.

Lively said that Reynolds is first and foremost her friend, which she thinks is “the secret” to a good marriage and happiness. When Reynolds got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he thanked Lively, saying that she is “the best” thing that has ever happened to him.

He also added that she made him “the father” of his dreams when he felt he only ever had “fun uncle” potential. It’s clear that Reynolds honestly loves Lively, and doesn’t need any Deadpool tactics like GPS tracking or fighting mountains of men for her affection.