Madonna Getting Serious With 25-Year-Old Boyfriend

Madonna via YouTube

It looks like Madonna’s relationship with her much younger beau, Ahlamalik Williams, is getting pretty serious.

madonna from a madame x tour video announcement
Madonna via YouTube

In mid-December, the 61-year-old pop superstar was spotted with 25-year-old backup dancer Ahlamalik Williams. Ahlamalik had his hands around her waist as the pair stood on her hotel balcony in Miami while on the road for Madonna’s Madame X Tour.

The dancer has also been popping up on Madonna’s Instagram account for quite a while. Madonna has also frequently appeared on Ahlamalik’s Instagram account, too.

Madonna and Ahlamalik Are Definitely an Item

If you’ve heard the romance rumors swirling around, I’m here to tell you that Madonna is dating her backup dancer.

madonna and ahlamalik williams on a hotel balcony
Splash News / MEGA

The relationship has been confirmed by Ahlamalik’s father, Drue Williams, who spoke to TMZ and other media outlets. He says that the pair have actually been dating for a little over a year now.

Both he and his wife, Laurie, met their son’s famous girlfriend after one of her shows in New York City. The pop superstar also hosted them at one of her Caesar’s Palace shows in Las Vegas, and then invited them to her suite afterwards for dinner cooked by her personal chef.

Ahlamalik’s father also claims that their relationship is getting serious, because Madonna used the L word.

“She told us that she is so much in love with him,” Drue said about Madonna and his son, adding that she also told them that they “didn’t have anything to worry about as she was going to take care of him.”

But What About That Age Gap?

Drue doesn’t seem bothered by the 61-year-old pop star dating his 25-year-old son. While he acknowledges that there is “a huge age gap between the two,” and points out that Madonna is only two years older than himself, he doesn’t think it’s an issue.

“I have told my son love doesn’t have an age range when you’re consenting adults,” Drue said.

He also told TMZ, “Love has no age. My son is livin’ la Vida Loca, and I’m just happy for him.”

Ahlamalik’s mother, Laurie, is hoping that the pair might tie the knot, saying, “You never know, they could get married.”