Vanessa Bryant Files Lawsuit, Says Pilot Was Reckless and Broke Rules

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Vanessa Bryant is suing the company that owned the infamous helicopter that crashed in January, killing Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna Bryant and several others.

The lawsuit claims that the helicopter shouldn’t have been flying the day that it crashed. It also says the pilot didn’t properly assess or monitor the weather before takeoff.

Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant
Instagram | Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Claims Pilot Failed to Assess the Weather

The lawsuit alleges that Island Express, the company that owned the helicopter, was only allowed to fly under certain visual flight rules. It says the weather conditions during the day of the crash were not in compliance with those rules.

The pilot was in blinding conditions and the fog was extremely low when the crash happened. The lawsuit claims that the pilot didn’t take proper precautions to ensure that the weather was safe for travel.

It also claims that the pilot knew that there was fog ahead, but didn’t abort the flight. He failed to avoid “natural obstacles” in the flight path and failed to maintain control.

The lawsuit also states that before the helicopter crashed, the pilot was going 180 miles per hour at a steep decline through heavy fog. It claims that the helicopter engaged in needlessly risky and unnecessary behavior under the circumstances.

Vanessa Bryant’s suit is asking for damages for “pre-impact” terror. This covers the emotional trauma that Gigi and Kobe Bryant suffered as the pilot tried to free them from the clouds before the crash. It isn’t surprising that Vanessa Bryant would hire the best lawyers for personal injury matters, especially considering her emotional distress in the aftermath of the tragedy. It’s certain her team will fight for every dollar possible.

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Pilot Committed Similar Violation in 2015

The pilot, Ara George Zobayan, violated flight rule minimums in 2015 when he flew into an airspace with reduced visibility. He received discipline for it at the time.

Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit seeks other damages including loss of love, affection, society, care, service, support, comfort, companionship, right to support, expectations of future support and counseling, moral support and counseling.

She is also seeking money for burial and funeral expenses, and loss of financial support. The lawsuit doesn’t list how much Vanessa is seeking in damages, but the final tally could be in the millions.

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