Matthew McConaughey Plays Virtual Bingo With Quarantined Senior Citizens

Facebook | The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living

Many celebrities are stepping up to help others in need during the coronavirus outbreak, but Matthew McConaughey? He told the others to hold his hat.

For the senior residents at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living, it isn’t easy sitting around in quarantine. But thanks to McConaughey, they got some once-in-a-lifetime entertainment.

It was certainly a night to remember.

Matthew McConaughey Helps to Entertain Seniors With Virtual Bingo

50-year-old Matthew McConaughey sat with his family to host a virtual Bingo event for the senior residents. They enthusiastically called out numbers and helped to provide fun for an experience the seniors won’t likely forget.

“We got Charles… with the iPad up high… we got the two winners!” McConaughey cheered as the senior citizens smiled and laughed.

The senior living facility posted on Facebook about the event, writing:

“During a time when we are all working to make lemonade out of lemons, we are so humbled that Matthew took the time to play our favorite game with us. As Matthew would say, let’s turn this red light into a green light!”

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Residents Asked McConaughey to Play Bingo Months Ago

So, how did this entire situation come to be? It was this past September that the employees and residents of the Enclave requested that McConaughey join them for Bingo.

In the video request, one of the residents jokingly exclaimed, “You’d be a whole lot cooler if you did!” The joke was a reference to a quote one of McConaughey’s characters famously said in the movie “Dazed and Confused.”

McConaughey, like all of us, must social distance right now. This gave him an unexpected break in his busy acting schedule. What better time to play Bingo?

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‘It gave them hope’

Molly Davis Nedley, the sales director at the facility, said staff can’t give the residents attention like usual.

“We have been doing everything possible to uplift them virtually,” she said to Austin’s KEYE-TV.

“This was a wish come true! The residents absolutely loved seeing Matthew and his family,” said Nedley. “It gave them hope and was the boost that they needed to get through this lonely, challenging time.”

And what was the prize for winning bingo? Asking McConaughey any question of their choosing.

Thanks to 5g cellular and other technology, people like McConaughey are able to virtually make dreams come true.

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