All Grown Up! Get a Sneak Peek at Bindi Irwin’s Wedding


Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, got engaged late July to Chandler Powell. As her wedding date approaches, we’ve got the inside scoop on the details.

Bindi Irwin prepares for wedding

Saying Yes to the Dress

Bindi Irwin already found the dress of her dreams. On September 30th, the star posted a sneak peek on Instagram, showing her lacy sleeve. She captioned the photo, “I said yes to the dress.” She also said that the dress pays tribute to her mom’s wedding dress.

Her fiance commented, “I can’t wait. You’re going to be so beautiful.”

Some fans wonder if she bought her dress is Kleinfeld Bridal, the New York shop where Say Yes to the Dress is filmed. Could the reality star make a special appearance on an upcoming episode?

Bindi Irwin teases detail of her wedding dress

Honoring Her Family

The dress isn’t the only preparation Irwin has already tackled. Bindi has already dedicated her life to following in her father’s professional footsteps after he died in 2006 during an accident with a sting ray. Now she’s working on plans to include him and his memory as part of her special day.

First, she’ll be getting married at the Australia Zoo, the place where her father worked and her whole family now teaches wildlife conservation to the public.

Irwin also asked her brother, Robert, to walk her down the aisle. Bindi said in an interview, “It’s so important to include the people that can’t be there with you. So on the day, I know that Robert is absolutely gonna walk me down the aisle and I think that’s what would make Dad happiest.”

She has other plans to include Steve that she hasn’t revealed yet. She said, “I really wanted Dad to be a big part of the day, so I’m excited to be able to incorporate him throughout the ceremony and the reception, and I think it’s going to be really special because I feel like his spirit lives on in us.”

Getting Closer to the Date

Irwin and Powell haven’t announced a wedding date yet, but they have said that it will be next year. Regardless of the date, wedding planning is in full swing. Bindi promises that they will have “family, friends, and lots of gorgeous animals” celebrating with them on the big day.

Powell has described Irwin’s planning style as being like Leslie Knope, the main character in Parks and Recreation, because of her color-coded binders and attention to detail.

How does her fiance feel about all of this planning? He’s every bit as excited. Recently, he posted an Instagram photo with a meerkat on his shoulder and the caption, “Cannot wait to mee-ry this girl.”