Kanye West’s First Campaign Rally Has Friends and Family Concerned


Kanye West’s first presidential rally is on the books, after his first campaign stop in Charleston, South Carolina.

However, his off-the-rails campaign rally, which included several rants covering topics like abolitionist Harriet Tubman and abortion, has his friends and family seriously concerned.

Ye Registered With the Federal Election Commission, So He’s Really Running

We already covered the basics of why Kanye’s last-minute presidential bid can’t work out. And although he has since filed docs with the Federal Election Commission, and filed docs to get on the ballot in Oklahoma, the election is just a few short months away.

Ye already missed many deadlines to file as an independent candidate in many states. That means he won’t be eligible to appear on the ballots in Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, New Mexico, or Texas.

He’s also got a long road ahead of him trying to get on ballots in other states, where the processes can be complicated and varied.

At least ahead of his campaign stop in South Carolina, he tweeted Saturday, “Hi guys please sign up to put me on the ballot in South Carolina at any of these locations.” He then went on to list various places, plus his 2020 website.

Kanye’s First Rally Was Unorganized and Rowdy

On Sunday, he held his first event as a candidate Sunday at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, SC. It was unorganized and rowdy right off the bat. Kanye didn’t even have a podium or a microphone to address the crowd.

In any case, Ye rambled through a number of topics, sometimes tearing up.

For one, he went on a lengthy rant about abortion and a woman’s choice — peppered with some really personal tidbits about his own father not wanting him when mom Donda West was pregnant.

He went ahead and jumped into a personal story about when he and Kim K were expecting their first child, saying, “I almost killed my daughter… even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North in to the world, even when I didn’t want to.”

He also went on to suggest that Harriet Tubman didn’t free slaves, just siphoned them off to other oppressive white folks. It’s a good reminder of the time he had that “slavery was a choice” moment.

Amid the chaos, Kanye tried fielding questions from the crowd, although there were no audience microphones, either. It mostly turned into a shouting match between himself and the unruly crowd. It was pretty hard to follow.

Kanye doesn’t seem to mind, though. He said he doesn’t care if he wins the presidency or not — which begs the question, why run then?

Friends and Family Concerned Over Kanye’s Mental Health

The whole debacle has left those around him believing he is in desperate need of professional help. They are concerned he is in the middle of a serious bipolar episode, but he won’t listen to anyone.

Now, his friends and family are concerned that he might be tanking his businesses. Rants like the one concerning Harriet Tubman not freeing slaves are the kind of comments that could trigger boycotts.

On top of all that, sources say the family is upset that he would discuss something so personal as abortion conversations between him and Kim.

No word yet on how Sunday’s campaign rally or Kanye’s recent bizarre Forbes interview are affecting Ye’s home life — but one’s got to guess that it’s putting a strain on his relationship.