Why Daniel Craig Won’t Give His Kids a Dime

Daniel Craig’s children won’t be getting any of that sweet, sweet 007 cash. The actor said in a recent interview that he plans to get rid of his $125 million fortune before his kids have a chance to inherit it.

Inheritance Is ‘Distasteful’

“My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go,” he told “Saga” magazine. “I don’t want to leave great sums to the next generation.”

Craig has three children: 28-year-old Ella from his previous marriage to Fiona Loudon; a two-year-old with current wife, Rachel Weisz; and Weisz’s 13-year-old son, Henry, from her relationship with director Darren Aronofsky.

The blended family shouldn’t expect anything from Craig, who believes the entire concept of inheritance is “distasteful.”

The 52-year-old, whose final outing as James Bond has been delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak, is famously outspoken about his career. However, the actor tends to keep his personal life more private. That’s one of the reasons his interview is getting so much attention.

It’s not clear if Rachel Weisz, a movie star in her own right, also intends to give away her money before their children can inherit it. Craig did not offer any suggestions about which charities might be the beneficiaries of his money. We have to assume that Craig has already sat down with a tax lawyer to figure out the best way to distribute his fortune.

Trying to Avoid a Real Life ‘Knives Out’?

Given Craig’s most recent film role was in “Knives Out” – the Rian Johnson whodunnit that hinges on the lengths one dysfunctional family will go to inherit their patriarch’s millions – so, perhaps he has simply decided that he doesn’t want to put his children through that experience.

It could also be that he doesn’t want his children to end up like the privileged, greedy family from the film. Most of them spend their lives waiting to inherit instead of building their own independent careers.

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When Will We See Craig’s Final ‘Bond’ Flick?

“No Time to Die” has been moved back (again), this time because of the coronavirus. The film was supposed to hit theaters on April 2.

Now, fans of the spy franchise will have to wait until November 25. With theaters closed around the globe, more and more films are being pushed back. For now, we can only wait.