Could Taylor Swift Sue Kim Kardashian?


Are you keeping up with the ongoing Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West beef? There are new developments every single day.

If you haven’t heard the tea, here’s the rundown:

  • In 2016, Kanye West released “Famous,” a record on which he sings, “I made that b*tch famous” in reference to Taylor Swift
  • Taylor Swift drags Kanye’s lyric
  • Kanye claims Taylor knew about and approved of the song, Taylor denies this
  • Kim Kardashian leaks footage of Kanye speaking to Taylor on the phone and asking her how she feels about certain lyrics in “Famous”

That’s when people started to drag Taylor for being deceitful while posturing as the bigger person in the argument. And four years later (just a few days ago, to be exact) transcripts of the entire 2016 phone call leaked.


New Transcripts of Taylor Swift/Kanye West Phone Call Leak

This is where it gets crazy. Four years later, the transcripts seem to vindicate Taylor’s side of the story. Here’s an excerpt from the transcripts that has been edited for clarity.

Kanye West: So it says, “To all my Southside [n-word] that know me best, I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me s-x.”

Taylor Swift: [laughs] That’s not mean.

Kanye West: Okay. Well, this is the thing where I’m calling you, because you’ve got an army…I think that people would be like way into it.

And that’s why I think it’s super-genius to have you be the one that says, “Oh, I like this song a lot. Like, yeah, whatever, this is cool, whatever.” It’s like, I got like s— on my album where I’m like, “I bet me and Ray J would be friends, if we ain’t love the same b—ch.”

Taylor Swift: Oh my God! I mean, I need to think about it, because you know, when you hear something for the first time, you just need to think about it. Because it is absolutely crazy. I’m glad it’s not mean, though.

It doesn’t feel mean. But oh my God, the buildup you gave it, I thought it was going to be like, “That stupid, dumb b—ch.” But it’s not.

Kim Says Taylor Is Still a Liar

Just the other day, Kim clapped back at Taylor and accused her of “reigniting an old exchange” by leaking the transcripts. Kim says that the transcripts don’t exonerate Taylor at all.

Taylor has remained silent about the situation. Ultimately, it’s all a game of convoluted He Said/She Said and miscommunication in the age of cellphones and subtweets.

Is Kim in Legal Trouble?

According to Geo News, it’s entirely possible that the phone call footage leak was illegal. Why?

  • Taylor Swift was not aware the phone call was being recorded
  • Kim defamed Taylor by “passing a lie as factual information against the person being defamed, publishing it to a ‘third party’, behaving ‘negligently, recklessly or intentionally’ and ‘damaging the victim’s reputation.'”

This information comes from the Stimmel Law Office and the Shouse California Law Group.

Ironically enough, Kim herself is participating in a law apprenticeship in her journey to become a lawyer. I wonder how her mentors feel about this potentially illegal drama?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t seem like Taylor is going to sue Kim. We can be certain the songstress will continue to call out Kim and Ye in her songs – no names, of course, but we know who she’s talking about.