Tyler Perry Leaves Generous Gift for 42 Atlanta Restaurant Employees

Instagram | Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has been stepping up as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. First, he created the #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge to help raise Covid-19 awareness, and now he’s done it again.

While visiting one of his favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Perry decided to share some of his $600M fortune to help the staff get through hard times.

Tyler Perry Gives Atlanta Restaurant Staff $21,000 in Tips

50-year-old Tyler Perry left $500 for each of the 42 people who were working at the West Paces location of Houston’s as he picked up a to-go order on Sunday.

The $500 tip, when paired with the $1,200 stimulus check that is being sent out by the government can serve as a nice cushion to help struggling workers. Some might have to wait up to 20 weeks to receive their check. If they have children, they can get up to $500 per eligible child.

West Paces location of Houstons restaurant

According to Worldmeters.info, 219 in Georgia have died from the virus as of Sunday, and 6,742 have been infected.

Perry is known for being generous and for encouraging charitable acts. After Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas last year, he had a plane with supplies flown down to help the victims.

There’s one thing for certain. If Tyler Perry is around, his fans certainly won’t have to resort to searching for the cheapest phone plans or worry about their next meal.

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Jay Leno Helps Stranded Motorist

Tyler Perry isn’t the only one up to good deeds lately! On Sunday, Jay Leno noticed Dwayne Henry of Westside Estate Agency experiencing a little car trouble on the side of the road.

Henry, in an interview with TMZ, said that he’d taken his 1953 Mercedes-Benz out for a ride, but it didn’t get too far. When he noticed something wasn’t right mechanically, he pulled over.

Jay Leno poses with Dwayne Henry alongside a stranded mercedes-benz

The issue was bad enough that he called a tow-truck to assist him, but Jay Leno just happened to be driving by, and couldn’t help but stop, considering his love of older cars.

Leno asked if Henry could pop the hood, and started to tinker away with a wrench. Soon enough, he had a diagnosis for the old Mercedes-Benz. A brake issue that was interfering with his fluid.

Although Leno wasn’t able to repair the car himself, not everyone can say that they had a car workup from none other than Jay Leno!

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