Michael Strahan Makes Shocking Abuse Claims Against Ex-Wife

Yahoo via Celebrity Insider

Michael Strahan and ex-wife Jean are already in the middle of a bitter child support dispute, but now things are getting even uglier as Michael guns for primary custody.

The former NFL star claims that ex Jean Muggli Strahan is abusing their teenage daughters.

Michael Strahan Makes Shocking Abuse Claims

Michael and Jean were married back in 1999. They have been divorced since 2006. At the time, the divorce turned into a long, messy battle in court. But eventually, Jean and her divorce attorney won a $15.3 million payout, plus $18,000 a month in child support. That amount was later reduced to $13,000 a month.

Jean currently has primary custody, and lives with the 15-year-old girls in North Carolina, where they are apparently accomplished equestrians.

According to new legal documents, Michael is claiming that his ex-wife is both physically and emotionally abusing their twin girls, Sophia and Isabella. He is asking for a judge to take away Jean’s primary custody, and award it to him instead.

Michael says he’s got the proof, too–but he’s going to detail it in sealed docs.

According to him, Jean’s “pattern of abusive conduct towards the children” has been going on for years. But now, Jean’s not taking the girls to their court-ordered therapy sessions. Strahan also blames Jean for daughters Sophia and Isabella missing their equestrian events and volleyball matches.

Now, Michael has apparently had enough of Jean’s treatment of their twins.

Michael, who lives in a different state, currently only has visitation rights. He is hoping to gain primary custody, and wants his girls to move in with him in New York.

On top of that, he wants his ex-wife held in criminal and civil contempt for her alleged actions.

Michael and Jean’s Bitter Child Support Dispute

Those horseback-riding lessons don’t come cheap. Jean recently took Michael back to court over his unwillingness to split the cost. She alleges that part of their original agreement was for Michael to go halfsies on the cost of those lessons, but he hasn’t been paying for them since 2017.

Jean claimed he was close to $500k in debt over it.

She is also seeking another $321,654, claiming that Michael has been underpaying child support since 2010.

As part of the dispute, Jean is hoping to “modify” their prior settlement, asking for an increase in monthly child support payments to account for cost-of-living adjustments.

Court docs show that Michael isn’t willingly going to pony up the extra cash for the horseback riding hobby, but he does agree that child support payments could use an adjustment.