What Is Going On With Demi Moore’s Bathroom?!


Celebrities are usually known for having lavish, over-the-top homes. I mean, remember MTV Cribs?

But Demi Moore posted some photos in her bathroom on Wednesday, and fans are baffled — not in a good way, either.

Demi Moore Announces Audio Drama, but Fans Can’t Ignore Her Bathroom

The actress posted pics on Instagram to announce her upcoming audio drama “Dirty Diana,” which is a fictional tale of a struggling marriage.

“Excited to finally share what I’ve been working on!,” Demi captioned the photos. “First episode of #DirtyDiana drops Monday, July 13.”

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And while that’s cool and all, the photos raised some serious questions from social media users.

At first glance, it looks pretty normal: Demi is sitting on a couch as she chats virtually with a few people. She’s got the whole setup, with a laptop, headphones on her head, and a tablet on a stand to display text.


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Excited to finally share what I’ve been working on! First episode of #DirtyDiana drops Monday, July 13. Trailer in bio 🖤

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I’m going to ignore the fact that she’s dressed like a 6-year-old — wearing unlaced boots with high socks sticking up, plus capri-length overalls. You do you, girl.

No, instead, I’m going to skip right to her bizarre surroundings.

Upon closer inspection of the photo, you can clearly see that the 57-year-old actress is actually sitting in her bathroom. A toilet is partially visible in the first picture, alongside a bathroom sink stacked with toiletries. A very large bathtub can be seen in the second photo.

What Is Up With Demi’s Bathroom?!

I don’t know what’s more strange about all this: the fact that she’s doing a zoom meeting in a bathroom, or that there’s a couch in her bathroom.

Seriously, why is there a couch in the middle of her bathroom? And why is it set up to face the bathtub?

“I can’t tell if there’s a couch in the bathroom or a toilet in the living room lol,” one social media user joked.

This doesn’t even begin to address the wall-to-wall carpet — in the bathroom. On top of that, it’s some 1970s-chic brown shag carpet.

Over on Twitter, one user pointed out the large statue standing over the tub appears to be Joan of Arc. To be honest, I thought it was some kind of Roman emperor on first glance. How would you like to have that looking down on you as you take a nice relaxing soak in the tub?

But perhaps the most perplexing thing in the photos, is the tiny monkey in the stone wall. He’s just hanging out over next to the toilet.

“Oh to be the tiny monkey overseeing the toilet in demi moore’s carpeted bathroom with a Joan of Arc statue and a couch,” a user wrote on Twitter.

“Demi Moore got couch and a carpet in her bathroom. And she wears her boots in that bathroom,” another fan wrote online. “Trying to understand why.”